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Zanussi ZOB 330 User Information

Built-in oven
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Built-in oven
ZOB 330



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  • Page 1 User information Built-in oven ZOB 330...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Information ......................3 Description of the appliance ......................5 Controls ............................6 Before using the oven for the first time ................... 7 Electronic programmer ......................... 8 Using the Oven .......................... 12 Baking and Roasting Tables ....................... 16 Cleaning and Maintenance ......................
  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    Important Safety Information These warnings are provided for the safety of the users and those living with them. So read them carefully before installing and using the appliance. This will allow you to obtain best performance, avoid improper actions, use the appliance in complete safety and also respect the environment.
  • Page 4: Environmental Information

    People Safety Environmental Information This oven is designed to be operated by adults. · Do not allow children to play near or with the After installation, please dispose of the packaging · oven. with due regard to safety and the environment. The oven gets hot when it is in use.
  • Page 5: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance 1. Control Panel 7. Air Vents for Cooling Fan 2. Oven Function Control Knob 8. Grill 3. Electronic Programmer 9. Oven light 4. Thermostat Control Knob 10.Oven Fan 5. Mains On Indicator 11. Rating plate 6. Thermostat Control Indicator Oven accessories Grill Pan Grid Anti-tip shelf...
  • Page 6: Controls

    Controls Oven Function Control Knob The oven is off Oven light - The oven light will be on without any cooking function. Defrost Setting - This setting is intended to assist in thawing of frozen food. Fan cooking - This allows you to roast or roast and bake simoultaneously using any shelf, without flavour transference.
  • Page 7: Before Using The Oven For The First Time

    Safety Thermostat The cooling fan To prevent dangerous overheating (through The cooling fan is designed to cool the the oven incorrect use of the appliance or defective and the control panel. The fan switches on components), the oven is fitted with a safety automatically after a few minutes of cooking.
  • Page 8: Electronic Programmer

    Electronic programmer 1. Push button for selecting a function 2. Decreasing control button “ ” 3. Increasing control button “ ” 4. Display 5. “Cooking Duration” pilot lamp 6. “End of cooking” pilot lamp 7. “Minute minder” pilot lamp 8. “Time of day” pilot lamp Fig.
  • Page 9 “Cooking Duration” function This function allows the oven to automatically switch off at the end of a programmed cooking duration time. Place food in the oven, select a cooking function and adjust the cooking temperature. Press button repeatedly to select the “Cooking Duration”...
  • Page 10: End Of Cooking" Function

    “End of cooking” function With this function, you can set the oven to switch off automatically when a programmed end of cooking time is over. Place food in the oven, select a cooking function and adjust the cooking temperature. Press button repeatedly to select the “End of cooking”...
  • Page 11 1. With the “Cooking duration” function (carry out the cooking duration setting as described in the relevant chapter) set the duration time. Then, press button : the display will show the programmed setting. 2. With the “End of cooking time” function (carry out the End of cooking setting as described in the relevant chapter) set the end of cooking time.
  • Page 12: Using The Oven

    Using the oven The oven is supplied with an exclusive system which produces a natural circulation of air and the constant recycling of steam. This system makes it possible to cook in a steamy environment and keep the dishes soft inside and crusty outside.
  • Page 13 cooking chart. Remember to reduce The meat tin should not be placed on a heated temperatures by about 20-25°C for your own hotplate as this may cause the enamel to crack. recipes which use conventional cooking. How to use the Fan Oven Even Heating for Baking 1.
  • Page 14: How To Use The Grill

    The food should be turned over during Hints and Tips cooking, as required. On baking: How to use the Grill Cakes and pastries usually require a medium 1. Turn the oven control function knob on temperature (150°C-200°C) and therefore it is 2.
  • Page 15: Cooking Times

    Leave the joint to stand for at least 15 minutes, so that the meat juices do not run out. To reduce the build up of smoke in the oven, it is recommended to pour a little water in the roasting pan.
  • Page 16: Baking And Roasting Tables

    Baking and Roasting Table Fan Cooking Timings do not include pre-heating. The empty oven should always be pre-heated for 10 minutes. Fan Cooking Cooking time in NOTES TYPE OF DISH minutes temp °C CAKES Whisked recipies 2 (1 and 3)* 45-60 In cake mould Shortbread dough...
  • Page 17 Grilling Timings do not include pre-heating. The empty oven should always be pre-heated for 10 minutes. Cooking time in Quantity Grilling TYPE OF DISH minutes 1st side Pieces temp.°C 2nd side Fillet steaks 12~15 12~14 Beef-steaks 10~12 Sausages 12~15 10~12 Pork chops 12~16 12~14...
  • Page 18: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and Maintenance Before cleaning always allow the Cleaning materials cooling fan to cool the oven down Before using any cleaning materials on your oven, before switching off at the electricity check that they are suitable and that their use is supply.
  • Page 19: Cleaning The Oven Door

    Cleaning the Oven Door Before cleaning the oven door, we recommend you to remove it from the oven. Proceed as follows: 1. open the oven door completely; 2. find the hinges linking the door to the oven (Fig. A); 3. unlock and turn the small levers located on the two hinges (Fig.
  • Page 20: Replacing The Oven Light

    Replacing The Oven Light Disconnect the appliance If the oven bulb needs replacing, it must comply with the following specifications: Electric power: 15 W/25 W, Electric rate: 230 V (50 Hz), Resistant to temperatures of 300°C, Connection type: E14. These bulbs are available from your local Service Force Centre.
  • Page 21: If Something Is Wrong

    If something is wrong If the appliance is not working correctly, please check the following before contacting the Electrolux Service Centre: SOLUTION PROBLEM Check that both a cooking function and temperature The oven is not switching on. have been selected Check whether the appliance is correctly connected and the socket switch or the mains supply to the oven is ON.
  • Page 22: Technical Data

    Technical Data Heating element ratings Dimensions of the recess Grill element 1650 W Height under top mm 593 Convection element 2000 W in column mm 580 Oven light 25 W Width mm 560 Cooling Fan 25 W Depth mm 550 Convection Fan 25 W Oven...
  • Page 23: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection It is necessary that you install a double pole switch The oven is designed to be connected to 230 V (50 Hz) between the oven and the electricity supply (mains), electricity supply. with a minimum gap of 3mm between the switch The oven has an easily accessible terminal block contacts and of a type suitable for the required load which is marked as follows:...
  • Page 24: Instructions For Building In

    Instructions for Building In Please ensure that when the oven is installed it is easily accessible for the engineer in the event of a breakdown. Building In The surround or cabinet into which the oven will be built must comply with these specifications: the dimensions must be as shown in the relevant diagrams;...
  • Page 25: Guarantee/Customer Service

    Standard guarantee conditions We, Zanussi - Electrolux, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this Zanussi - Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or...
  • Page 26: European Guarantee

    Customer Care For general enquiries concerning your Electrolux appliance, or for further information on Electrolux products please contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone at the address below or visit our website at Customer Care Department Electrolux Major Appliances Addington Way Luton Bedfordshire, LU4 9QQ...
  • Page 28 35699-1403 04/09...