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Operation With The Buttons On The Tv; Operation With The Remote Control; First Time Installation - Hitachi L42VK04U Instruction Manual

42" colour tv
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Operation with the Buttons on the TV

Volume Setting
Press "
" button to decrease volume or
button to increase volume, so a volume level scale
(slider) will be displayed on the screen.
Programme Selection
Press "
P/CH +" button to select the next programme or
"P/CH -" button to select the previous programme.
Viewing Main Menu
Press the "
V+"/"V-" button at the same time to view
main menu. In the Main menu select sub-menu using
"AV" button and set the sub-menu using "
" buttons. To learn the usage of the menus,
refer to the menu system sections.
AV Mode
Press the "
AV" button in the control panel on the TV
to switch between AV modes.

Operation with the Remote Control

The remote control of your TV is designed to control
all the functions of the model you selected. The
functions will be described in accordance with the
menu system of your TV.
Volume Setting
Press "
V+" button to increase the volume. Press "V-"
button to decrease the volume. A volume level scale
(slider) will be displayed on the screen.
Programme Selection (Previous or Next
Press "
P-" button to select the previous
Press "
P+" button to select the next programme.
Programme Selection (Direct Access)
Press numeric buttons on the remote control to select
programmes between 0 and 9. The TV will switch
to the selected programme. To select programmes,
press the numeric buttons consecutively. When the
pressing time is due for the second numeric button,
only the fi rst digit programme will be displayed.
Press directly the programme number to reselect
single digit programmes.
[GB]_MB65_3900UK_IDTV_42843W_BRONZE18_10073078_50189657.indd 14
[GB]_MB65_3900UK_IDTV_42843W_BRONZE18_10073078_50189657.indd 14

First Time Installation

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the aerial is
connected and a Common Interface module is not
inserted before switching on the TV for the fi rst
time installation.
When the TV is operated for the fi rst time, installation
wizard will guide you through the process. First,
language selection screen will be displayed:
" or
Use "
" or " " buttons to select your language
and press OK button to set selected language and
After selecting the language, "
be displayed, requiring you to set Country, Teletext
Language and Scan Encrypted options.
By pressing "
" or " " button, select the country
you want to set and press " " button to highlight
Teletext Language option. Use " " or " " button
to select desired Teletext Language.
Press "
" button after setting Teletext Language
option. Scan Encrypted will be then highlighted.
You can set Scan Encrypted as Yes if you want to
scan coded stations. Afterwards select the desired
Teletext Language.
OK button on the remote control to continue
and the following message will be displayed on the
English - 14 -
Welcome!" screen will
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31.05.2011 14:51:13

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