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Switching On/Off; Operation With The Buttons On The Tv - Hitachi 26H8L02-G Instructions Manual

Flat digital tv
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Table of Contents
LCD TV and Operating Buttons (Depending on the model)

Switching On/Off

To Switch the TV On
Connect the power cord to the 220-240V AC 50 Hz.
Press STANDBY touch button. Then the standby LED lights up.
To switch on the TV from standby mode either:
Press the "
" button, P+ / P- or a numeric button on the remote control.
Press the
-P/CH or P/CH+ touch button on the TV. The TV will then switch on.
Note: If you switch on your TV via PROGRAMME UP/DOWN buttons on the remote control or on the TV set, the programme that you were
watching last will be reselected.
By either method the TV will switch on.
To Switch the TV Off
Press the "
" button on the remote control or press the STANDBY touch button on the TV, so the TV will switch to standby mode.
To power down the TV completely, unplug the power cord from the mains socket.

Operation with the Buttons on the TV

Volume Setting
Press "
" button to decrease volume or
the screen.
Programme Selection
Press "
P/CH +" button to select the next programme or "P/CH -" button to select the previous programme.
Viewing Main Menu
Press the "
V+"/"V-" button at the same time to view main menu. In the Main menu select sub-menu using "AV" button and set the sub-menu
using "
" or "
" buttons. To learn the usage of the menus, refer to the menu system sections.
AV Mode
Press the "
AV" button in the control panel on the TV to switch between AV modes.
01_MB6X_[GB]_HITACHI_ORTAK_IB_50214635.indd 6
01_MB6X_[GB]_HITACHI_ORTAK_IB_50214635.indd 6
Control buttons VIEW
button to increase volume, so a volume level scale (slider) will be displayed on
English - 6 -
Control Buttons
1. Standby/On button
2. TV/AV button
3. Programme Up/Down buttons
4. Volume Up/Down buttons
Note: Press "
" and
" buttons at the same time to
view main menu.
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Table of Contents

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