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Automatic Time Limit; Control Panel Pause; Basic Settings - Siemens ET8 Series Instruction Manual

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Automatic time limit

If a hotplate is in use for a long time without the setting being
changed, the automatic time limit is activated.
The hotplate stops heating.
hotplate indicator.

Control panel pause

If you wipe over the control panel while the hob is switched on,
settings may be altered.
To prevent this from happening, your hob has a control panel
pause function. Touch the
control panel is locked for 30 seconds. You can wipe over the

Basic settings

Your appliance has various basic settings. You can adapt these
settings to your needs.
Automatic childproof lock
Switched off.*
Switched on.
Audible signal
Confirmation signal and operation error signal switched off.
Only operation error signal switched on.
Confirmation signal and operation error signal switched on.*
Automatic timer
Switched off.
Duration after which the hotplates switch off
Duration of the timer end signal
10 seconds.*
30 seconds
ƒ n
1 minute.
Activation of the filament circuits
Switched off.
Switched on.
Last setting before the hotplate was switched off.*
Reset to basic setting
Switched off.
Switched on.
*Basic setting
flash alternately in the
symbol. A signal sounds. The
The display goes out when you touch any control. You can
make new settings.
When the time limit is activated depends on the heat setting
selected (1 to 10 hours).
control panel and remove the setting discs without altering the
Note: The main switch is excluded from the control panel
pause function. You can switch off the hob at any time.


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