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Storing Setting Discs; Setting The Hob; Switching The Hob On And Off; Setting A Hotplate - Siemens ET8 Series Instruction Manual

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Storing setting discs

The setting discs are magnetic. Keep the setting discs away
from magnetic data media, such as video cassettes, diskettes,
credit cards or cards with magnetic strips. The data these
contain could otherwise be wiped. They can also cause
interference in television sets and monitors.

Setting the hob

This section informs you how to set the hotplates. The table
shows heat settings and cooking times for various meals.

Switching the hob on and off

The main switch is used to switch the hob on and off.
To switch on: touch the
light up. The hob is ready for use.
To switch off: touch the
indicators go out. All hotplates are switched off. The residual
heat indicator remains on until the hotplates have cooled down
Note: The hob switches off automatically if all hotplates have
been switched off for more than 10 seconds.

Setting a hotplate

Use the setting discs to set the desired heat setting.
Heat setting 1 = lowest setting
Heat setting 9 = highest setting
There is an intermediate setting between each heat setting. This
is identified by a dot.
To set the heat setting:
The hob must be switched on.

Table of cooking times

The following table provides some examples.
Cooking times and heat settings may vary depending on the
type of food, its weight and quality. Deviations are therefore
Chocolate, cooking chocolate, butter, honey
Heating and keeping warm
Stew (e.g. lentil stew)
Heating sausages in water**
Defrosting and heating
Frozen spinach
Frozen goulash
* Continue cooking without a lid
** Without lid
symbol. The
hotplate indicators
symbol until the
For wearers of electronic implants, e.g. pacemakers or
insulin pumps.!
Implants could be affected by magnetic fields. You must
therefore never carry the setting discs in your pockets. They
must be kept at least 10 cm from pacemakers.
Note: The setting discs are magnetic. Small metal parts which
attach themselves to the underside can scratch the surface of
the glass ceramic and front moulding. Always wipe and clean
the setting discs thoroughly.
Select the hotplate. Turn the appropriate setting disc until the
heat setting indicator shows the desired heat setting.
The hotplate is switched on.
To change the heat setting:
Use the setting disc to set the new heat setting.
To switch off the hotplate:
Use the setting disc to adjust the setting to
10 seconds, the residual heat indicator appears.
Note: Hotplate temperature is regulated by the heat switching
on and off. The heat may also switch on and off at the highest
When heating thick liquids, stir regularly.
For bringing liquids to the boil, use heat setting 9.
Ongoing cooking
. After about
Ongoing cooking
time in minutes
20-30 mins
10-15 mins


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