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Using The Electronic Timer - T-FAL MAXI PRO FRYER Instructions For Use Manual

120v - 60hz - 1800w; 127v~ - 60hz - 2016w.
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WARNING: For your safety, do not use your fryer under wall cupboards and keep well
away from curtains and similar fittings. Never leave the appliance unattended while
in use. This appliance is not to be used by children.
• During the first use the fryer may give off a slight odor. This is normal and due to the
newness of the product.
• Always check, before each use that the oil level is between the MINI and MAXI lines on
the inside of the pot.
NOTE: Do not operate the fryer without oil in the pot. Always unplug the fryer when
not in use.
• Leave the basket out of the fryer.
• Close the fryer lid (models with filter incorporated lids only).
• If your model has a dust cover lid, never use the lid when the fryer is in use.
• Select the desired temperature by rotating the thermostat control button - FIG. 4. The
graphics on the fryer and the tables with cooking times will help you in determining the
ideal frying temperature.
• Plug in the fryer.
• Put the switch (according to model) to " I " (ON). The temperature indicator will come
on - FIG. 5
• During preheating : the indicator light may come on and go out once or twice. The
vegetable oil will reach the ideal temperature after about 10 minutes.
• When the oil has reached the correct frying temperature, the light will go off.
• Lift the lid, pulling the handle on the front right hand side of the lid out as far as it will
go - FIG. 6
• Hook the basket onto the edge of the pot - FIG. 7
• Fill the basket with food. DO NOT OVERFILL THE FRYER.
MAX. FRESH FOOD CAPACITY: 2.75 lb./1.250 kg.
MAX. FROZEN FOOD CAPACITY: 2 lb./900 g (remove any loose ice from the frozen food as
it might cause overflow).
• Check that the temperature control indicator light is out.
• Lift the basket off the hook, and lower it slowly into the pot - FIG. 8. Lowering the bas-
ket too quickly could lead to an overflow of hot oil. Close the lid (according to model).


(according to model)
• Hold the button down continually or, to advance minute by minute, briefly press the
button then release. When you reach the desired time, stop. The numbers on the dis-
play will start flashing continuously, indicating the timer is counting - FIG. 9.
• The last minute of the cooking time is displayed in seconds : 1 min, 59s, 58s, etc.
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