This cooker will provide you with much pleasure in your
Please read these operating instructions carefully, so as to
make use of all the technical advantages provided by the
The start of the operating instructions contains a number of
important instructions with regard to safety. You will then be
introduced to the individual components of your new cooker.
This section will tell you all you need to know about the
cooker functions and operation.
The tables have been structured in such a way as to provide
a step by step guide to the cooker settings. They contain
useful information about the appropriate cookware, insertion
level, and the optimum settings, all of which have, of course,
been carefully tested in our cooking studio.
To ensure the long lasting attractiveness of your cooker,
we have also included numerous tips on appliance care
and cleaning. And in the unlikely event of an appliance fault,
you will find, on the last pages, troubleshooting information
which will help you to rectify minor faults yourself.
Any questions? You can always refer to the detailed table
of contents, enabling you to find your way around quickly.
And now - enjoy your cooking.

Operating Instructions

HB 49E.. GB
5650 004 652


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Siemens HB 49E Series

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    This cooker will provide you with much pleasure in your cooking. Please read these operating instructions carefully, so as to make use of all the technical advantages provided by the appliance. The start of the operating instructions contains a number of important instructions with regard to safety.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important information ..... . . Before connecting the appliance ....Safety information .
  • Page 3 Table of contents Advice on baking ......Meat, poultry, fish ......Roasting and grilling .
  • Page 4: Important Information

    Important information q Installation and connection must be carried in Before connecting accordance with the instructions and wiring the appliance diagram provided, and only by an authorised expert. Improper connection will invalidate your warranty. q Do not switch the appliance on if transport damage is apparent.
  • Page 5: How To Prevent Damage To Your Appliance

    q This appliance complies with all regulations for heating appliances. The switches and oven handle may become hot when the appliance is operated at a high temperature for a long period of time. q This appliance must be used for the preparation of food only.
  • Page 6: Your New Cooker

    Your new cooker Details vary according to the appliance model The control panel Display panel for the electronic clock If you press a button, the display panel of the respective symbol illuminates by way of acknowledgement. You may view the time, duration, end time, alarm, programme and weight for the automatic roasting function.
  • Page 7 Text style display The text style display is available in 19 different languages. It provides you with information for making settings. It indicates the type of heating selected. It indicates the meals included in the current automatic roasting programme. It provides you with information in the event of faults. It allows you to view the basic settings.
  • Page 8 Heating type display panel The symbol for the selected type of heating illuminates. Oven function selector < = Oven light t = Top and bottom heating W = Concentrated heat g = Special top and bottom heating T = 3D fan assisted cooking S = Fan assisted grilling V = Radiant grilling, small area X = Radiant grilling, large area...
  • Page 9 Indicator for the temperature selector An appropriate temperature suggestion for each type of heating appears in the display, level 3 for grilling. The suggested Preheating indicator value may be changed by means of the The preheating indicator provides a visual temperature selector.
  • Page 10: Retractable Control Knobs

    The temperature selector and knob can be retracted Retractable control in any position. The function selector in the OFF knobs position only. Simply press the control knob in order to raise or lower it. The control knobs can be turned to the left and right.
  • Page 11: Automatic Safety Switch Off

    Notes q The residual heat will still be displayed even if you have locked the oven. You can set the timer and the clock when the oven is locked. q If you are trying to set the oven while it is locked, the Press key button (6 s)"...
  • Page 12: Types Of Heating

    Different types of oven heating are available. You can Types of heating therefore select the best method for cooking any dish. Conventional heat This ensures the even distribution of heat to the cake or roast from the top and bottom of the oven. Optimum results are achieved when cooking bakes in this way.
  • Page 13: Cooling Fan

    are lower than those for Conventional heat. 3D hot air is also the most suitable type of heating to use for preserving, drying and defrosting at 20 60 ºC. Hot air grilling This type of heating involves the grill heating element and the fan switching on and off alternately.
  • Page 14: Oven And Accessories

    Oven and accessories The accessories can be inserted on 5 different levels within the oven. It is possible to pull out two thirds of the accessory without it tilting. This allows you to easily remove the food from the oven. Deep wire grill for ovenware, cake tins, roasts, grilling and frozen meals.
  • Page 15: Before Using For The First Time

    Accessories can be purchased from a specialist store at a later date. Before using for the first time Before using for the first time, the side walls included Inserting the in the supplied accessories must be inserted. catalytic side walls Unhooking the rack.
  • Page 16: Setting The Clock

    The catalytic side walls and rack Reinstalling the rack. Grip the centre of the rack and insert it horizontally must fit tightly. between the hooks and the rail. Make sure that the rack fits properly into the groove at the front and back.
  • Page 17: Heating The Oven

    q The time of day is not displayed if you have already set the timer, a cooking time, an end time or the automatic roasting function. Should you wish to know the current time, simply press the j clock button. The time appears in the display for a few seconds.
  • Page 18: Changing The Basic Settings

    Basic setting Optional setting There is a delay between the individual You can change the delay. adjustment increments before the values are accepted. This delay lasts 10 seconds. Time setting" Time setting" Long" Short" = 5 seconds Time setting" Medium" = 7.5 seconds The cooling fan runs until the temperature in the You can change the run on time.
  • Page 19: Setting The Oven

    After a few seconds the next basic setting, Time displayed permanently", appears. Use the rotary knob to change the setting to Time displayed only when in use" or, if you do not wish to change this setting, wait until the next basic setting appears. All the basic settings can be changed using the rotary knob.
  • Page 20: If The Oven Is To Switch Off Automatically

    When the meal is ready Switch off the function selector when the meal is ready. Correction You may change the temperature or grill setting at any time. q Using the temperature selector, it is possible to Notes make the setting in 1 degree increments for a temperature between 30 and 100 ºC, and in 5 degree increments for temperatures between 100 and 300 ºC.
  • Page 21: If The Oven Is To Switch On And Off Automatically

    When the time has elapsed A signal sounds when the time has elapsed. The oven switches off. Enjoy your meal" or Defrosting complete" appear in the text style display. You may switch off the signal prematurely by pressing the ! end time button. If the meal is not quite ready, press the ? cooking time button and use the knob to set a new cooking time.
  • Page 22 Setting procedure Make the settings as described in points . Then start point immediately. Conventional Set end time heat Press the ! end time button. Use the knob to set the new end time. The end time appears in the display. This represents the time when the oven will switch off.
  • Page 23: Cakes And Pastries

    Cakes and pastries Baking tins It is best to use dark baking tins. Always place the cake tin on the wire grill. Tables If you are baking food on several baking trays, one after another, close the oven door immediately after removing each tray.
  • Page 24 3D Hot air Food Dish Shelf Cooking Temp. ºC Cooking time, position method minutes Ø Conventional heat Food Dish Shelf Cooking Temp. ºC Cooking time, position method minutes Conventional baking Food Dish Shelf Cooking Temp. ºC Cooking time, position method minutes 3D Hot air: Baking on 2 or 3 levels...
  • Page 25: Advice On Baking

    Food Dish Shelf Cooking Temp. ºC Cooking time, position method minutes Jacket potatoes wire shelfs 60 90 Biscuits baking trays** 20 25 1+3+4 25 30 Small Cakes* baking trays** 25 35 Meringues baking trays** 100 150 1+3+4 100 150 Preheat oven ** When baking on two levels, use the universal pan provided, at shelf position four.
  • Page 26 You wish to bake in Light coloured tins are less suitable for baking, light coloured tins. as they tend to reflect the heat. When baking pastries which require considerable bottom heat, it is best to use the intensive heat setting W.
  • Page 27: Meat, Poultry, Fish

    influence the air circulation. For this reason, always cut the baking paper to fit the baking tray. You were baking on several Always use 3D Hot air T when baking on several levels. The food on the top levels. Cakes that are inserted at the same time baking tray is darker than will not necessarily be ready at the same time.
  • Page 28: Roasting And Grilling

    When the roast is ready, it should be allowed to stand for 10 minutes in the switched off, closed oven. This allows better distribution of the meat juices. Advice on grilling Always close the oven door when grilling. Wherever possible, use pieces of meat that are of a similar thickness, and at least 2 to 3 cm thick.
  • Page 29: Advice On Roasting And Grilling

    Food Shelf Cooking Temperature ºC, Cooking time mins position method grill per 1 lb Chops an chicken joints 190 220 Full meal Grilling Food Shelf Cooking Temperature ºC, Cooking time mins position method grill per 1 lb Meat steaks, bacon 2 or 3 12 22 Sausages and Fish fingers...
  • Page 30: Braising

    Braising Braising is the ideal method of cooking for all lean cuts of meat, whether they are to be cooked pink or well done. The meat remains juicy and as soft as butter. Your advantage: You have more room for manoeuvre when planning menus, because braised meat can easily be kept warm.
  • Page 31: Defrosting

    All cuts of beef, pork, veal and lamb are suitable for Tables braising. The initial frying time and subsequent frying time depend on the size of the meat. The frying times apply to insertion into hot fat. Initial frying on the Subsequent cooking hotplate (minutes) in oven (minutes)
  • Page 32: Drying

    The defrosting times depend on the type and amount of food. Accessories Level Type of Temperature C heating Delicate frozen foods Wire grill 20 ºC e.g. cream gateaux, cream cakes, cakes with chocolate or icing, fruit etc. Other frozen foods* Wire grill 50 ºC Chicken, sausage and meat, bread and bread...
  • Page 33: Sterilizing

    Sterilizing Preparation Setting procedure...
  • Page 34: Sterilizing Fruit

    As soon as the contents of the jars begins to bubble, Sterilizing fruit i.e., the bubbles rise in quick succession after approximately 30 to 40 minutes, switch the temperature selector back to 30 °C. The jars should be removed from the oven after 25 to 35 minutes of residual heat.
  • Page 35: Automatic Roasting

    Automatic roasting Roasting in a sealed dish Using automatic roasting, you will be able to produce delicious braised meals, juicy roasts and tasty stew without the need for turning or basting the meat which, in turn, keeps your oven cleaner. Automatic roasting is only suitable for roasting in What you should a sealed dish.
  • Page 36 Meals Suitable cookware Programme Weight Add liquid Fresh number range Meals Suitable cookware Programme Weight Add liquid Frozen number range...
  • Page 37 Meals Suitable cookware Programme Weight Add liquid Frozen number range What weight do I specify? Meals Input How to prepare your meal: Meat q Select a suitable dish with lid. q Weigh the fresh or frozen meat. You will need to specify the total weight when setting the automatic roasting function.
  • Page 38 Fish Stew How long will the meal take to cook?
  • Page 39 A cooking time must not have been set for a hotplate. Setting procedure: Select program Chicken, turkey Select the Use the knob to set the program Set the function selector to P". appropriate program number you require. from the roasting Turn the knob clockwise: The program table.
  • Page 40 Correction Switch off the function selector and reset. q The alarm time counts down in the clock display. Notes You want to know how much longer the automatic roasting program will take. Press the ? cooking time button. The time remaining is then displayed for a few seconds.
  • Page 41 When the time has elapsed A signal sounds when the time has elapsed. Enjoy your meal" appears in the text style display. The oven switches off. The oven light goes out. Switch off the function selector. Clearing the program Switch off the function selector. Note q The end time will appear for a few seconds if you press the ! end time button.
  • Page 42 The vegetables in the stew Normally, you set the weight of the meat when are too hard. cooking stews, which leaves the vegetables crunchy. If you like the vegetables to be a little softer, set the combined weight of the meat and vegetables next time.
  • Page 43: Memory

    Memory Using the memory function, you can store the types of heating, the temperatures and the cooking times for a meal and call them up at any time. The g Conventional Baking function cannot be stored. It is sensible to use the memory function if you require several different settings in order to prepare a meal, or if there is a meal which you cook particularly often.
  • Page 44 You wish to store the settings for the meal you have Storing the setting just cooked. This is not possible if another cooking time or program has already been set. Save Memory Select program memory saved Press the memo" Set the function selector to P". Turn the knob anti-clockwise button.
  • Page 45 You wish to program the settings, e.g. for your Programming the favourite meal. To do this, set the types of heating, setting temperatures and cooking time. The oven does not heat up while you are programming. Program Select program memory Turn the knob to the left until "Program Set the function selector to "P".
  • Page 46 Memory step 1 Press the ? cooking time button and use the Use the temperature selector to set the knob to set the desired cooking time. temperature or grill setting. Memory step 2 Memory saved Switch off the function selector when you have Press the "memo"...
  • Page 47: Memory Function

    The programmed or stored settings for your meal can Starting the easily be called up. Place the meal in the oven. memory function Start Memory Select program memory mode Press the memo" button. Set the function selector to P". Turn the knob to the left until Start memory"...
  • Page 48: Timer

    remaining cooking time appears in the display for a few seconds. Timer You can use the timer as a kitchen timer. It runs independently of the other settings. You may use the automatic roasting function for your pot roast and use the timer to set the cooking time for your pasta.
  • Page 49: Care And Cleaning

    Cancel Press the a timer button twice in quick succession. q You can set the hours, minutes and seconds. Notes q Turning the knob quickly allows you to adjust in larger increments. Care and cleaning Do not under any circumstances use a highpressure or steam cleaner.
  • Page 50: Seals

    The oven seals can be cleaned with washing up Seals liquid. Never use strong or abrasive cleaning products. It is best to soak the accessories in household Accessories detergent immediately after use. Any left over dirt can then be easily removed using a brush or cleaning sponge.
  • Page 51 Cleaning the catalytic lining The rear wall, ceiling and side walls of the oven are coated with a catalytic lining. These surfaces clean themselves whilst the oven is in operation. You may need to operate the oven several times before larger spillages disappear.
  • Page 52 Notes The oven is enamelled. Enamel must be burned in at very high temperatures, which can cause slight discoloration. The thin edges of baking trays cannot be completely coated with enamel, and may therefore be rough. Protection against corrosion is guaranteed. Cleaning the plating rack Unhook the racks and clean them using a detergent solution and sponge or nylon cleaning sponge for...
  • Page 53: Steam Filter

    The oven ceiling features a steam filter. This serves to Steam filter filter particles of fat from the exhaust air and thus reduce unpleasant odours. The filter needs cleaning from time to time. This is what to do Turn the filter to the left by hand or using an Allen key (6 mm) and remove, Fig.
  • Page 54: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Should a malfunction occur, it is often only due to a minor fault. Please read the following instructions before calling the after sales service: Problem Possible cause Comments/remedy The cooker does not work. Blown fuse. Look in the fuse box and check that the cooker fuse is in working order.
  • Page 55: Replacing The Oven Light

    Problem Possible cause Comments/remedy The Er5" error message The clock is defective. Contact customer service. appears in the temperature The oven can be used without the clock. selector display. The function selector is set to P". The Er10" error message The electronics are Contact customer service.
  • Page 56 Place a tea towel in the cold oven to prevent damage. Remove the glass cover. To do this, press back the metal tab with your thumb (Fig. A) and then remove the glass cover. Replace the oven light. Pull out the bulb. Do not twist it. (Fig B). Insert the replacement bulb, taking care to position the pins correctly.
  • Page 57: After Sales Service

    Refit the glass cover. The labelling on the glass must be at the back. To do this, insert the glass cover at the top. Use the spoon handle to press down on the bottom tab. The glass cover will now click into place (Fig. C). Remove the tea towel.
  • Page 58: Protection Of The Environment

    Protection of the environment Your new appliance was protected by suitable Packaging and old packaging while it was on its way to you. All materials appliances used for this purpose are environmentally friendly and suitable for recycling. Please make a contribution to protecting the environment by disposing of the packaging appropriately.
  • Page 59: Test Dishes

    Test dishes In accordance with DIN 44547 and EN 60350 Baking The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven. Dish and notes Shelf Cooking Temperature Cooking position method ºC time mins Ø Ø Grilling The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven.
  • Page 60 Notes...

Table of Contents