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Specifications; Contact With Liquid; Questions And Answers - Gigaset A16 User Manual

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Recommended battery pack
(Valid at the time of going to press)
Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH):
A16 handset: V30145-K1310-X383
A26 handset: V30145-K1310-X359, -X402
The handset is supplied with the recommended
battery pack.
General specifications
DECT standard
is supported
GAP standard
is supported
up to 300 m outdoors,
up to 50 m indoors
Power supply to
230 V ~/50 Hz
charging cradle
Environmental condi-
+5 °C to +45 °C;
tions in operation
20% to 75% humidity
Wipe the base station, charging cradle and handset
with a damp cloth (do not use solvent) or an anti-
static cloth.
Never use a dry cloth. This can cause static.

Contact with liquid

If the handset has come into contact with liquid:
1 Switch off the handset and remove the bat-
2 Allow the liquid to drain from the handset.
3 Pat all parts dry, then place the handset with
4 Do not switch on the handset again until it is
When it has fully dried out, you will normally be
able to use it again.

Questions and answers

If you have any queries about the use of your
phone, you can contact us any time at The table below
contains a list of common problems and possible
appears in
the display.
No reaction to
No wireless
connection to
the base sta-
tion, Base
flashes in the
Version: 17-11-2008
A 3 1 0 0 8 - M1 8 5 0 - A 6 0 1 - 1 - 7 6 1 9
Issued by
Gigaset Communications GmbH
Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt
Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark
licensee of Siemens AG
© Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
This user guide is made from 100% recycled paper.
tery pack immediately.
the battery compartment open and the keypad
facing down in a dry, warm place for at least
72 hours (not in a microwave, oven etc.).
completely dry.
The handset is not
switched on.
Battery pack is
The key lock is
The handset is
outside the range
of the base sta-
The handset is not
The base station is
not switched on.
Press the End call key
for approx. 5 sec-
onds or place the
handset into the
charging cradle.
Charge/replace the
battery pack (page 2).
Press the hash key
for approx. 2 sec-
onds (page 1).
Move the handset
closer to the base
Register the handset
(page 2).
Check the mains plug
on the base station.



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