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Gigaset A150 Manual

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Manual - 17 pages
Manual - 14 pages


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Gigaset A150/A150A/A250/A250A
The handset at a glance
1 Charge status of the batteries:
= e V U
(flat to full)
flashes: batteries almost flat
e V U
flashes: charging
2 answer machine icon
3 Display keys
4 End call key and On/Off key
5 Talk key/Handsfree key
(handsfree mode A250/A250A only)
6 Control key (
7 Directory key (press down on the
control key)
8 Key 1
Open the answer machine /
network mailbox
9 Star key
Ringers on/off (press and hold); with
an open connection: switch from
dialling to tone dialling (press briefly)
10 Key 0/recall key
Consultation call (flash): press and
11 Hash key
Keypad lock on/off (press and hold);
toggles between upper/lower case
and digits; inserts a dialling pause
(press and hold)
12 Microphone
Changing the language (display + answer machine)
Changing the display language
¤ u
(press the keys one after the other)
Changing the language of the answer machine
¤ u
Answer Machine
¤ u
¤ u
¤ u
¤ u
¤ u
(select language)
¤ u
(select language)
New messages in the calls list/
answer machine list/network
mailbox list (
S. 8) are indi-
cated in the display by the mes-
sage New messages.
Display keys:
Pressing a key launches the func-
tion that appears above that key
in the display.
Function when
Call other registered
Open main/submenu
(see menu overview
S. 16).
Go back one menu
Scroll up/down or
adjust volume with
Move cursor to left/
right with
Backspace deletes
one character at a
Confirm menu func-
tion or save entry.
(select language)
S. 10.



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  Summary of Contents for Gigaset A150

  • Page 1 Gigaset A150/A150A/A250/A250A The handset at a glance Please 1 Charge status of the batteries: = e V U New messages in the calls list/ (flat to full) answer machine list/network ¢ flashes: batteries almost flat e V U mailbox list ( S.
  • Page 2: Eco Dect

    Lights up: Answer machine is activated. Flashes: You have at least one new message or a message is played back or being recorded. Base A150/A250 Flashes very quickly: Full memory. During message playback: 4 Skip to the start of the current message (press once) or go to the pre- vious message (press twice).
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    First steps Check the pack contents One Gigaset A150/A150A/A250/A250A base station, one mains adapter, one Gigaset handset, one phone cord, two bat- teries, one battery cover, one user guide. If you have purchased a model with multiple handsets, the package should contain two batteries, a battery cover and a charging cradle with mains adapter for each additional handset.
  • Page 4: Connecting The Base Station

    Connecting the base station ¤ First connect the mains adapter A150/A250 ¤ Then connect the telephone jack and insert the cables into the cable ducts. Please note: ◆ The mains adapter must always be connected, as the phone will not operate without mains connection.
  • Page 5: Setting Date/Time

    However, if a handset is not registered with the base (Register HS or Put into base is displayed), please register ¢ the handset manually ( S. 10). ◆ If you have purchased multiple devices, you can upgrade your Gigaset to a cordless PABX by registering all ¢ A150/A250 handsets at the same base ( S. 10). ◆...
  • Page 6: Making Calls

    In handsfree mode, you activate the loudspeaker so that you can hear the caller without having to hold the handset to your ear. During a call and when listening to the answer machine (Gigaset A250A only) you activate or deactivate hands- free mode by pressing the handsfree key ¢...
  • Page 7: Dialling With The Directory

    Preselection. Using the directory and lists Directory To open the directory: press control key You can save up to 50 (A150/A150A) or 80 (A250/A250A) phone numbers (max. 22 digits) with corresponding names (max. 14 characters). ¢ Enter letters/characters S.
  • Page 8: Activating/Deactivating The Answer Machine

    Calls list/answer machine list/network mailbox list ¤ ¤ Press MENU Messages OK, to open the list overview. If you have new messages, only lists with new messages are displayed. Scroll through the lists by pressing An advisory tone sounds as soon as a new entry appears in the calls list/answer machine list/network mailbox list. New messages appears in the display.
  • Page 9 If you have new messages, playback will start with the first new message, otherwise with the first old message. Gigaset A250A only: The loudspeaker on the handset switches on automatically. To switch it off, press the handsfree Messages consist of ◆...
  • Page 10: Network Mailbox

    Registration takes approx. 1 minute. Handsets are assigned the lowest available internal number (1-4). If the internal numbers 1–4 are already assigned to other devices, the number 4 will be overwritten. De-registering handsets You can de-register all other registered handsets from each of the registered Gigaset handsets. ¤ u ¤ u ¤...
  • Page 11: Setting The Alarm Clock

    2 handsets are registered Press the display key INT, the other handset is called. More than 2 handsets are registered Calling a specific handset ¤ ~ (1...4, enter internal number of the handset) or b ¤ ¤ u ¤ (Select the internal party) OK or the handset is called Calling all handsets (“group call”)
  • Page 12: Operating The Base Station On The Pabx/Router

    5 seconds. Operating the base station on the PABX/router Operating on the router When operating the Gigaset on an analogue port of a router you can reduce problems with echoes by activating the ¢ Echo mode ( S. 17). If you have no problems with echoes, this function should be deactivated.
  • Page 13: Questions And Answers

    1.0 W ca. 1.2 W Questions and answers If you have any queries about the use of your telephone, visit our website at for 24-hour support. The table below contains a list of common problems and possible solutions. Problem...
  • Page 14: Contact With Liquid

    Please have your proof of purchase ready when calling. Please note that if the Gigaset product is not sold by authorised dealers in the national territory the product may not be fully compatible with the national telephone network. It is clearly specified on the box near the CE mark for which coun- try/countries the equipment has been developed.
  • Page 15: Guarantee Certificate

    In the case of new devices and their components exhibiting defects resulting from manufacturing and/or material faults within 24 months of purchase, Gigaset Communications shall, at its own option and free of charge, either replace the device with another device reflecting the current state of the art, or repair the said device. In respect of parts subject to wear and tear (including but not limited to, batteries, keypads, casing), this warranty shall be valid for six months from the date of purchase.
  • Page 16: Menu Overview

    Our environmental statement We at Gigaset Communications GmbH are aware of our social responsibility. That is why we actively take steps to create a better world. In all areas of our business – from product planning and production to sales and waste of disposal – fol- lowing our environmental conscience in everything we do is of utmost importance to us.
  • Page 17 ¢ Listening in S. 11 Preselection Presel. Number/With Preselect/ ¢ Without Presel S. 6 Issued by © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2016 Gigaset Communications GmbH Subject to availability. All rights reserved. Frankenstr. 2a Rights of modification reserved. D-46395 Bocholt

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