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Mitsubishi Electric TRIUM MONDO Directions For Use Manual

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This guide describes the operation of GSM or GSM/GPRS Trium Mondo telephones.
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the instructions contained in this guide, Mitsubishi Electric
reserves the right to make improvements and changes to the product described in this guide and/or to the guide itself,
without prior notice.
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Directions for use
Edition 1, 2001.
© Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe, 2001
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   Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric TRIUM MONDO

  • Page 1

    © Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe, 2001 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the instructions contained in this guide, Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to make improvements and changes to the product described in this guide and/or to the guide itself, without prior notice.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents • Composition of the Mondo pack • Use of the stylus and the jog wheel 17 - Regular use of the stylus • Presentation of the unit - Additional uses of the stylus • Introduction - Use of the jog wheel •...

  • Page 4: Composition Of The Mondo Pack

    Composition of the Mondo pack 1- The Mondo and its stylus. 5- Desk top support. 2- Backup battery. 6- Personal Handsfree. 3- Battery. 7- Protective carry case. 4- AC adaptor.

  • Page 5: Presentation Of The Unit

    Presentation of the unit Figure 1 : 1- Aerial 13- Infrared port 12- Earpiece 2- Luminous indicator of battery charge and alarm signal 11- Connector for the personal hands free 3- Luminous indicator of network signal and call indicator 4- Touch screen 10- "Record"...

  • Page 6

    4- Touch screen. 5- Program buttons: These buttons enable you to have rapid access to your three favourite applications. The applications programmed by default are Microsoft Inbox (left hand button), Microsoft Diary (centre button) and Microsoft Contacts (right hand button). If you wish, you may modify the initial programming of these three buttons.

  • Page 7

    14- Stylus Figure 2 : 15- "RESET" button 16- Housing for the battery and the SIM card 20- External aerial connector 19- Housing of the backup battery 17- PC connection port 18- Power supply socket 14- Stylus: For selecting items in the lists which are displayed on the screen, validate your selections, move objects or write on the touch screen.

  • Page 8: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing a GSM or GSM/GPRS Trium Mondo telephone. The mobile telephone described in this guide is approved for use on both the GSM 900 and 1800 networks. Services and display messages may be different dependant upon your operators implementation.

  • Page 9: Vehicle Safety

    • Do not connect incompatible products. The use of third party equipment or accessories, not made or authorised by Mitsubishi Electric, may invalidate the warranty of your phone and may be a safety risk. • Do not remove the labels. The numbers on it are important for service and other related purposes.

  • Page 10: Security Codes

    Try to remember the phonelock and PIN codes associated with the use of this phone. Become familiar with and use the security features to block unauthorised use if your phone and/or SIM card are lost or stolen. Call your service provider immediately to prevent illegal use.

  • Page 11: Emergency Calls

    Don’t throw away your batteries in your household waste. Mitsubishi Electric is not responsible for the data stored in the product and is not responsible for the loss of data stored in the product during repairs.

  • Page 12: Commissioning

    Commissioning You have just acquired your Mondo. Before using it, you must first carry out the following operations, in the order in which they are listed below: • Insertion of the SIM card and the battery 1- Remove the stylus from its housing (fig.1). This operation is necessary to unlock the cover of the battery housing.

  • Page 13: Insertion Of The Backup Battery

    fig.3 fig.5 fig.4 fig.6 fig.7 • Insertion of the backup battery IMPORTANT: This operation must only be carried out after the insertion of the battery (see above). 1- With the point of the stylus, lift up the cover of the backup battery housing (fig.1). 2- Insert the backup battery in its housing (fig.2).

  • Page 14: Initial Charging Of The Battery

    • Initial charging of the battery PLEASE NOTE: The instructions below only apply to the first time the battery is charged. To find out how to proceed for later recharges, see the corresponding section of this manual, on page 19. The initial charging of the battery may be carried out by means of the AC adaptor on its own, or with the desk top support (supplied).

  • Page 15: Alignment Of The Touch Screen

    - States of the charge indicator of the Mondo (reminder): Ø Flashing orange: Charging is in progress. Ø Continuous orange: Charging is finished. Safety instructions: • Do not leave your Mondo connected to the AC adaptor any longer than necessary. •...

  • Page 16: Location And Time Zone

    • Location and time zone A town will be selected by default. Its name will appear in the first field. If this town corresponds to your country or your region, just tap on the Next key at the bottom of the screen to validate the selection. If not : 1- Tap with your stylus on the arrow at the right hand edge of the Town field to display the list of towns.

  • Page 17: Use Of The Stylus And The Jog Wheel

    Use of the stylus and the jog wheel • Regular use of the stylus Use your fingernail to extract the stylus from its housing (situated on the back of your Mondo). The stylus is specially designed not to dirty or damage the touch screen of your Mondo. You are strongly recommended to use it for navigating through the menus or tapping on the keys of the virtual keyboard.

  • Page 18: Use Of The Jog Wheel

    • Use of the jog wheel 1- When you receive a call (Telephone application open): Ø Press on the wheel to answer if you want to take the call. You may also tap with your stylus on the key of the virtual keyboard in the Telephone application or press briefly the button on your Mondo.

  • Page 19: Power Supply - Batteries

    Power supply - Batteries • Battery charge indicators When the battery is almost discharged, your Mondo will warn you in several ways at once: • The message Battery low! will appear on the screen. • A warning tone will sound. •...

  • Page 20

    - To recharge the battery of your Mondo using the AC adaptor on its own: 1- Insert the plug (a) of the AC adaptor into the power supply socket (b) of the Mondo (fig.1). fig.1 2- Connect the AC adaptor to a mains socket and switch on. The luminous battery charge indicator will flash orange.

  • Page 21: Replacing A Discharged Or Used Battery

    • Replacing a discharged or used battery WARNING: Make sure that all the applications have properly been closed before removing the battery from your Mondo. If you are connected to a computer, don’t forget to save your data before closing the applications in use. 1- Remove the stylus from its housing (fig.1).

  • Page 22: Replacing The Backup Battery

    • Replacing the backup battery IMPORTANT : To carry out this operation, it is essential for the main battery of your Mondo to be in position and sufficiently charged. When the backup battery is used up, a message will appear on the screen inviting you to replace it.

  • Page 23: Use Of The Batteries And Safety Instruction

    • Use of the batteries and safety instructions - Batteries compatible with your Mondo: The Mondo will only operate with standard Lithium ion batteries (MA0570). - Lifetime of the batteries: A battery may be recharged several hundred times. However, it will wear out progressively.

  • Page 24: The Telephone Application

    The Telephone Application 1- First steps • Opening the Telephone application To open the Telephone application, just press the program button , situated in the lower part of your Mondo. Ø If the screen of your Mondo is on standby, it activates itself automatically when you press the program button ;...

  • Page 25

    - The normal appearance of this screen is as follows: PLEASE NOTE*: If the Mode of Operation is set at Modem and if your Mondo is connected to a GPRS network, the small Telephone screen situated in the upper left hand corner of the screen of your Mondo will be presented with the following appea- rance:...

  • Page 26

    Depending on individual cases, special symbols may be displayed on the Telephone screen saver: : SIM memory used. : Mondo memory used. : Roaming. This appears when your Mondo is connected to a network other than its local network. : Short text messages (SMS). This appears when one or more short text messages ( SMS ) have been received and have not been read.

  • Page 27

    Ø Your Mondo must be in a zone that is covered by the GSM network. If the place in which you find yourself is covered by the GSM network, the network signal indicator light will flash green (slowly). If not, this indicator will flash red (slowly) and the telephone screen (situated in the upper right part of the screen of your Mondo) will remain blank.

  • Page 28

    - To end the call: Ø Press the jog wheel of your Mondo. You can also click on the key on the soft keyboard or press briefly the button on your Mondo. The call time counter will stop, and then disappear, as will the symbol .

  • Page 29

    Ø If the caller’s number is accessible, and if it corresponds to a number recorded in the folder of your Mondo, the name associated with this number will be displayed on the screen. Ø If the caller’s number is accessible, and if it does not correspond to any number recorded in the folder of your Mondo, the number will be displayed on the screen.

  • Page 30: 2- Data Transfer

    Your Mondo has a modem connection pre-programmed for the built-in GSM telephone. This connection is called Mondo GSM. The name of the modem used for this connection is Trium Mondo. Before you can use this connection, you must set the parameters using the information provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  • Page 31

    Ø The name of the incoming mail server. Ø The name of the outgoing mail server. Ø Your e-mail user name and password. When you have these details, you can start to set the parameters for the Mondo GSM connection, following the instructions given below. Ø...

  • Page 32

    2- Click on Internet Explorer. 3- Click on Tools at the bottom of the screen. 4- Click on Options. 5- Click on the Connections tab at the bottom of the screen. 6- Select Mondo GSM in the Type field. The Mondo GSM connection will be selected automatically when you connect to Internet. 7- Click on ok.

  • Page 33

    - From the ÿ Start menu: 1- Click on ÿ Start to access the main menu. 2- Click on Programs. 3- Click on Connections. 4- Click on Mondo GSM. 5- Click on Connect. An information window is displayed during connection. When connection has been established, click on Hide status to close the information window.

  • Page 34

    • Restoring the Mondo GSM connection If you accidentally delete the Mondo GSM connection, it can be restored as follows: 1- Close the Telephone application. 2- Open it again. This simple operation is all that is required to restore the Mondo GSM connection. However, you then need to reset the parameters for this connection using the information supplied by your ISP.

  • Page 35: 3- Sms

    3- SMS • Description of the SMS service The SMS service allows you to send and receive "mini-messages" (or "short messages"). These messages are forwarded to other subscribers to the GSM network or are received from various sources, depending on the operators of the network. To access this service, you must use the Microsoft Mailbox application (in order to configure, write, read and store the messages) and the Telephone application (in order to be able to send and receive messages via the GSM network).

  • Page 36

    The predefined periods are 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days and Maximum (the maximum period permitted by the operator). PLEASE NOTE: By creating a number of different templates, you can send messages in different formats by using different messaging centres. 2- Viewing or modifying a template from the SIM card: Message templates can be pre-programmed by your operator on your SIM card.

  • Page 37

    4- Creating a new message template: 1- Open the Mailbox application. 2- Click on Tools. 3- Click on Options. 4- Click on SMS* in the list of services. 5- Click on New…. The Message template screen is displayed. 6- Enter the Name of the template you wish to create. PLEASE NOTE: You must choose a different name from the names already allocated to the existing templates.

  • Page 38

    7- The "Acknowledgement" and "Reply requested" options: These options are common to all template messages: Ø Acknowledgement: This option is used to obtain information about the result of your transmission. The message may have been forwarded to the contact or it may have been discarded by the network if its period of validity has expired or due to an overload in the network.

  • Page 39

    6- If you wish to send copies of your message to other contacts, click on the arrow on the right of the screen to display the Cc: and Cci: fields. PLEASE NOTE: In this case, the message will be forwarded in successive transmis- sions (as many transmissions as there are contacts).

  • Page 40: Managing Messages

    - From the Read screen of the opened message: 1- Click on at the base of the screen. 2- Click on Reply or on Reply to All. In both cases, the page for composing your message is displayed on the screen. The telephone number of the contact is displayed in the To: field, so you do not have to enter it manually.

  • Page 41

    - The "Outbox" folder: This folder contains all the messages which are currently been transmitted or are ready to be sent. If the Telephone application is open when a message is being sent, it is only temporarily stored in the Outbox folder. It is then transferred to the Sent Items folder as soon as the transmission has been completed.

  • Page 42

    1- Click and hold on the header of the message you wish to delete. 2- Click on Delete to move the message to the Deleted Items folder. PLEASE NOTE: The messages stored in the Deleted Items folder can be viewed, amended, moved or sent, just like the other messages.

  • Page 43: Microsoft Applications

    MICROSOFT Applications You can access all the Microsoft applications on your Mondo by selecting them from the menu ÿ, or by pressing the corresponding program buttons. These program buttons enable you to have rapid access to your three favourite applications. The applications that are programmed by default are Microsoft Inbox (left hand button), Microsoft Calendar (centre button) and Microsoft Contacts (right hand button).

  • Page 44: Addition And Deletion Of Applications

    Mondo. • Connection to the Internet You can connect to the Internet using the Trium Mondo modem incorporated in your Mondo, using one of the pre-installed remote methods, GSM or GPRS. See the Trium Mondo CD-ROM for further information.

  • Page 45: Appendix

    Appendix Accessory: - The Personal Handsfree Connection (fig.1): Insert the jack (a) of the Personal Handsfree into the audio socket (b) of your Mondo. Use (fig.2): 1- Place the earphones (c) in your ears. The microphone (d) is then situated at the level of your mouth. 2- Attach the clip (e) to your clothing.

  • Page 46: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Possible cause and solution Problem Check that the battery is fully charged and correctly Impossible to activate the screen of your Mondo. connected to the phone. The setting of the contrast of the display is perhaps too low. Adjust the contrast. A charging or battery problem.

  • Page 47

    Pan-european GSM End-user Guarantee Conditions 1. You can benefit from this guarantee only if you are the original end-user purchaser. 2. MITSUBISHI guarantees that for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase from your dealer, the Product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

  • Page 48: Declaration Of Compliance

    DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE Name : Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe S.A. RCS Nanterre B 307 593 129 Address : 25, boulevard des Bouvets Town : Nanterre Cedex Postal code : 92741 Identification of the product Nature : Mobile Cell Telephone Type...

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