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Caring For Your Keyboard - Fujitsu FPCKC17A1P User Manual

Wireless keyboard
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Caring for your keyboard

Your wireless keyboard is a durable but sensitive electronic
If you accidentally spill liquid on your keyboard, position
it so that the liquid can run out, then let it dry out for 24
hours, or longer, as required.
Do not use your keyboard in a wet environment (near a
bathtub, swimming pool).
Avoid exposure to sand, dust and other environmental
Do not put heavy or sharp objects on the keyboard.
Clean your keyboard with a damp lint-free cloth.
Storing your keyboard
If storing your keyboard for a month or longer, remove
and store the batteries.
Store your keyboard and batteries separately. If you store
your keyboard with batteries installed, the batteries will
discharge, and battery life will be reduced. In addition, a
faulty battery might damage your keyboard.
Failure to properly eliminate the liquid from the
keyboard can result in internal short circuit and
permanent damage to the keyboard.



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