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Fujitsu FPCKC17A1P User Manual page 4

Wireless keyboard
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keyboard should be kept within the area in which the signals
from the keyboard can be received by your computer. This
area is within approximately 3 feet from the port. The effec-
tive distance will vary, and is subject to environment, type of
use, and other factors.
Wireless Keyboard Identification Codes
Overview of Identification Codes
When multiple keyboards and computers are used in a small
area, it may be necessary to assign an individual identifica-
tion code to each keyboard/computer pair. Assigning identi-
fication codes prevents interference or "cross-talk" between
closely situated keyboards and systems
The identification code assigned to a keyboard/computer
pair is temporary. The code is cancelled whenever the com-
puter is turned off, suspended, or reset.
The system will recognize the code of the first keyboard with
which it is used after it returns to an active state. Once a new
code is recognized, only the coded keyboard will work with
the computer, but multiple keyboards with the same identi-
fication code can be used with the same computer.
For example, if two keyboards (A and B) are within infrared
range of the computer, either can be used when the system is
initially reset or suspended. If the identification code for
keyboard A is set to "1" and it is used with the computer
The identification code is not designed as a
security feature; it is strictly intended to pre-
vent interference between keyboards and
computers in proximity to each other.



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