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Fujitsu FPCKC17A1P User Manual page 5

Wireless keyboard
Hide thumbs


first, the computer will recognize "1" as the code. Keyboard
B would be disabled unless you enter "1" as its code. If you
assign keyboard A the identification code "1" and keyboard
B the identification code "2", then use keyboard B first, the
computer will only recognize the keyboard B identification
code "2".
If you remove the batteries from the keyboard and install
new batteries (or allow the keyboard capacitor to discharge
for at least a minute before reinstalling the old batteries), the
code for the keyboard will reset to the default of "7". At that
point, the computer will initially only respond if:
• The computer was responding to code "7" before the
batteries were removed, or,
• The keyboard is reset to the code to which the com-
puter was responding before the batteries were
Entering an Identification Code
To enter an identification code for your keyboard, perform
the following step:
Press [Fn]+[Left Alt]+[Left Shift]+[ID Code]. Use a single
number for the ID Code, between 0 and 7.
There is no on-screen indication that the code has been
In the following step, press and hold down the
keys in the same order as they appear, and
leave them depressed until after the code is



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