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Range Of Operation - Fujitsu FPCKC17A1P User Manual

Wireless keyboard
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Battery compartment
Figure 3. Wireless Keyboard Battery Installation

Range of Operation:

Your wireless keyboard communicates with the infrared (IR)
port on the front of your system. The location of the IR port
will vary, depending upon your system configuration. In
order to communicate effectively with your computer, your
• The Fujitsu Wireless Keyboard uses a non-
standard transfer protocol. Under normal
circumstances, only the computer with
which the keyboard is oriented will recog-
nize the infrared (IR) signal, but you should
assign an Identification Code to the key-
board as a precaution. (See "Wireless Key-
board Identification Codes" on page 4.)
• Be careful when using any other IR
devices—such as TV remote controls—in
the vicinity of your system while using your
wireless keyboard. Your system could have
difficulty distinguishing the signals.
Battery cover



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