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Maytag CWE5100ACB10 Installation Instructions Manual page 7

24" (61.0 cm) electric single and double built-in oven
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Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install oven.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
Using 2 or more people, lift oven partially into cabinet cutout.
Use the oven opening as an area to grip.
NOTE: Push against seal area of oven front frame when
pushing oven into cabinet. Do not push against outside
Securely fasten oven to cabinet using the 0.188 x 2.1" screws
(4 for single oven, 6 for double oven) provided. Insert the
screws through holes in decorative trim. To avoid cabinet
damage, use the 0.140" diameter (number 28) drill bit to pre-
drill the pilot holes before driving screws. Do not overtighten
A. Decorative
B. Insert screw.
4. Replace oven racks.
5. Grasp sides of the door and align slots in door with the hinge
Push oven completely into cabinet and center oven into
cabinet cutout.
6. Slightly pull the door open as you slide the door down onto
the hinge arms. The sliding action of the door will disengage
the latches on the hinge arms.
7. Gently push the door downward until the door rests evenly on
the hinges.
8. Close door.
9. Repeat for lower oven door.
10. Reconnect power.
11. Display panel will light briefly, and "PF" should appear in the
12. If display panel does not light, please reference the
or Service" section of the Use and Care Guide or
contact the dealer from whom you purchased your oven.



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