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LG WD-10480 Serveice Manual page 12

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Start/Pause button
Use the button to start or pause
wash cycle.
The power turn off automatically
4 minutes after the pause button
is pressed.
Time Save
By selecting the Time Save option, the wash time may
be reduced, depending on the program selected.
Time Delay
Press the button when reservation washing is needed.
When the button is pressed, [
maximum delay of [
Each press advances time delay by the hour.
Use [Power] button to cancel [Time Delay]
[Time Delay] means the time required from the present
to the completion of washing.
Wash program selector
8 programs can be set depending on the type of the laundry.
By turing the dial
[Cotton ➔ Baby Care ➔ Synthetic ➔ Delicate ➔
Hand Wash/Wool ➔ Quick 30 ➔ Rinse+Spin ➔ Favorite]
can be selected.
] is displayed,
] hours can be set.
Power button
Press the button to turn
on and off.
Rinse Hold ➔ No Spin ➔ 400
➔ 800 ➔ 1200
Rinse Hold ➔ No Spin ➔ 400
➔ 800 ➔ 1000

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Table of Contents

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