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Operation - LG WD-10480 Serveice Manual

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Rinse + :
ƒU Used to additional rinse, which may
assist in removing traces of detergent
• By selecting Rinse+ function, the rinse
time and the rinse water are increased.
Pre Wash :
ƒU If the laundry is heavily soiled, "Pre
Wash" course is effective.
ƒU Pre Wash is available in Cotton and
Synthetic Program.
Water temperature
ƒUPress the button to select
water temperature.
ƒUThe water temperature
[60¡£ C
95¡£ C
30¡£ C
40¡£ C ] can be
selected in Cotton.
ƒU95¡£ C is selected for Cotton
and Baby Care.
Crease Care :
ƒUIf you want to prevent crease,
select this button with spin speed.
Bio :
• If you want to eliminate protein
stains(milk, blood, chocolate...),
you may select Bio by pressing the
option button.[You can select Bio
when temperature is higher than
60°C in Cotton, Synthetic and Baby
Child - lock
If the Program lamps are blinked at the same time after the
power off or the end of the washing, the child lock mode is set.
Cancel the child lock mode by pressing the [Temp.] and the [ Option]
button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
ƒUChild Lock system can be set and canceled by pressing both
[Temp.] and [Option] button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
ƒUOnce Child Lock is set, all buttons are not functioning except
power button.
ƒUChild Lock system can be set anytime even during Power-off
and operation.
ƒUIt is automatically cancelled when an operational error occurs.
LED display
• Display the estimated
remaining time
(Hour:Minute) to finish.
• In case of abnormal
operation, error indications
are dispayed.
• See troubleshooting guide.

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Table of Contents

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