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Ariston PH640MT NG Operating Instructions Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Ariston PH640MT NG

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Description of the appliance, 6 Overall view Start-up and use, 7 Practical advice on using the burners Precautions and tips, 8 General safety Disposal PH640MT NG Maintenance and care, 9 PH640MST NG Switching the appliance off PH640MT PR Cleaning the appliance PH640MST PR...
  • Page 2: Installation

    Installation ! Before operating your new appliance please read this also be equipped with vents to allow gas to escape in the instruction booklet carefully. It contains important information event of a leak. As a result LPG cylinders, whether for safe use, installation and care of the appliance. partially or completely full, must not be installed or stored in rooms or storage areas that are below ground level ! Please keep these operating instructions for future...
  • Page 3: Electrical Connection

    Front Connecting the supply cable to the mains Fit the supply cord with a standard plug for the demand rate indicated on the rating plate or connect it directly to the electrical mains. In the latter case, a single pole switch must be placed between the appliance and the mains, with a minimum opening between the contacts of 3 mm in compliance with current safety codes (the earthing wire must not be...
  • Page 4: Data Plate

    ! Check that the pressure of the gas supply is consistent • Setting the burners to minimum: with the values indicated in Table 1 (“Burner and nozzle 1. Turn the tap to the low flame position. specifications”). This will ensure the safe operation and 2.
  • Page 5: Burner And Nozzle Specifications

    (MJ/h) Nominal (kPa) 2,75 1,00 Supply pressures Minimum (kPa) 2,00 0,75 Maximum (kPa) 3,50 1,20 * At 15°C and 101,3 kPa dry gas Propane = 95,8 MJ/m³ Natural gas = 37,8 MJ/m³ PH640MT NG PH640MST NG PH640MT PR PH640MST PR...
  • Page 6: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Overall view GAS BURNERS Support Grid for COOKWARE Control Knobs for GAS BURNERS SAFETY DEVICES * Ignition for GAS BURNERS * • GAS BURNER ignition enables a specific burner • GAS BURNERS differ in size and power. Use the to be lit automatically.
  • Page 7: Start-Up And Use

    Start-up and use Practical advice on using the burners ! The position of the corresponding gas burner or electric hotplate* is shown on every knob. To ensure the burners operate efficiently: Gas burners Each burner can be adjusted to one of the following •...
  • Page 8: Precautions And Tips

    Precautions and tips ! This appliance has been designed and • Do not close the glass cover (if present) when the manufactured in compliance with international safety gas burners are still hot. standards. The following warnings are provided for • Do not use unstable or deformed pans. safety reasons and must be read carefully.
  • Page 9: Maintenance And Care

    Maintenance and care Gas tap maintenance Switching the appliance off Over time, the taps may become jammed or difficult Disconnect your appliance from the electricity supply to turn. If this happens, the tap must be replaced. before carrying out any work on it. ! This procedure must be performed by a Cleaning the appliance qualified technician authorised by the...
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting It may happen that the appliance does not function properly or at all. Before calling the service centre for assistance, check if anything can be done. First, check to see that there are no interruptions in the gas and electrical supplies, and, in particular, that the gas valves for the mains are open.
  • Page 12 08/2010 - 195020547.08 XEROX FABRIANO...

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