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Ariston PH 930MST Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions

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PH 941MS
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Practical advice on using the the Ceramic Glass



  Summary of Contents for Ariston PH 930MST

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Practical advice on using the burners Practical Advice on Using the Electric Hot Plates Practical Advise on Using the Broiler Practical advice on using the the Ceramic Glass Module PH 930MST Precautions and tips, 10 PH 940MST General safety PH 941MS...
  • Page 2: Installation

    Installation ! Before operating your new appliance please read this also be equipped with vents to allow gas to escape in instruction booklet carefully. It contains important information the event of a leak. As a result LPG cylinders, whether for safe use, installation and care of the appliance. partially or completely full, must not be installed or stored in rooms or storage areas that are below ground ! Please keep these operating instructions for future...
  • Page 3: Electrical Connection

    Front Connecting the supply cable to the mains Install a standardised plug corresponding to the load indicated on the data plate. The appliance must be directly connected to the mains using an omnipolar circuit-breaker with a minimum contact opening of 3 mm installed between the appliance and the mains.
  • Page 4: Data Plate

    3. Having adjusted the flame to the required low Connection with a rigid pipe (copper or steel) setting, while the burner is alight, quickly change ! Connection to the gas system must be carried out the position of the knob from minimum to in such a way as not to place any strain of any kind maximum and vice versa several times, checking on the appliance.
  • Page 5: Burner And Nozzle Specifications

    Burner and nozzle specifications Table 1 Liquid Gas Naturale Gas Burner Diameter Thermal Power By-pass Nozzle Flow* Nozzle Flow* (mm) kW (p.c.s.*) 1/100 1/100 1/100 (mm) Nom. Red. (mm) (mm) Fast (Large) (R) 3.00 0.70 Reduced Fast (RR) 2.60 0.70 Semi Fast (Medium) (S) 1.65 0.40...
  • Page 6: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Overall view Support Grid for COOKWARE GAS BURNERS Ignition Button for GAS BURNERS * ELECTRIC HOT PLATES * COOKTOP BROILER * Control Knobs for GAS BURNERS and Indicator Light for CERAMIC GLASS ELECTRIC HOTPLATES * ELECTRIC HOTPLATES * MODULE * SAFETY DEVICES *...
  • Page 7: Start-Up And Use

    Start-up and use ! The position of the corresponding gas burner or A. Circular heating zone; electric hotplate* is shown on every knob. B.Extended heating zone; C.Indicator light to show when the cooking zone is above 60°C, even after the heating element has Gas burners Each burner can be adjusted to one of the following been turned off.
  • Page 8: Practical Advice On Using The Electric Hot Plates

    Practical Advice on Using the Electric Practical Advice on Using the Half Fish-Kettle Hot Plates * Burner * In order to avoid heat loss and damage to the hot The two "Half Fish-Kettle" burners, are eliptic in form plate, use cookware with a flat bottom the diameter and can be turned up to 90°.
  • Page 9 Practical Advise on Using the Ceramic To obtain the best results from your hob: Glass Module* • Use flat-bottomed pans to ensure that they adhere Set. Radiant Burner to the cooking zone perfectly. Off. To melt butter and chocolate. To heat liquids. •...
  • Page 10: Precautions And Tips

    Precautions and tips ! This appliance has been designed and • Do not use unstable or deformed pans. manufactured in compliance with international safety • Remove any liquid from the lid before Remove any liquid from the lid before Remove any liquid from the lid before Remove any liquid from the lid before Remove any liquid from the lid before standards.
  • Page 11: Maintenance And Care

    Maintenance and care Switching the appliance off items, objects made of synthetic material, sugar or foods with a high sugar content that have Disconnect your appliance from the electricity supply melted onto the surface must be removed before carrying out any work on it. immediatley immediatley immediatley with a scraper while the cooking...
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting It may happen that the appliance does not function properly or at all. Before calling the service centre for assistance, check if anything can be done. First, check to see that there are no interruptions in the gas and electrical supplies, and, in particular, that the gas valves for the mains are open.
  • Page 13 ‫تعليمات التشغيل‬ 07/2010 - 195085649.00 ‫رف تسخين‬ ‫خدمات زيروكس للقطاع التجاري‬ ‫المحتويات‬ ،‫التركيب‬ ‫تحديد الموضع‬ ‫التوصيالت الكهربائية‬ ‫توصيل الغاز‬ ‫لوحة البيانات‬ ‫مواصفات المحارق والفوهات‬ ،‫وصف الجهاز‬ ‫نظرة عامة‬ ،‫التشغيل واالستخدام‬ ‫نصيحة عملية الستخدام المحارق‬ ‫نصيحة عملية الستخدام صفائح التسخين الكهربائية‬ ‫نصيحة...