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Ariston PH 640 MS IB Operating Instructions Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Ariston PH 640 MS IB

  • Page 2 600mm min. In a chimney stack or branched flue. irectly to (exclusively for cooking appliances) utside 555 mm Examples of ventilation holes for comburant air. Adjacent Room to be Room ented Enlarging the ventilation slot between window and floor.
  • Page 5 Table 1 Liquid Gas Natural Gas Burner Diameter Thermal Power By-pass Nozzle Flow* Nozzler Flow* (mm) kW (p.c.s.*) 1/100 1/100 1/100 (mm) Nom. Red. (mm) (mm) Fast 3.00 (Large) (R) Reduced Fast 2.60 0.70 (RR) Semi Fast 1.65 (Medium) (S) Auxiliary 1.00 (Small) (A)
  • Page 7 Setting Normal or Fast Plate 2 - 5 Medium High Burner ø Cookware Diameter (cm) Fast (R) 24 – 26 Reduced Fast (RR) 22 – 24 Semi Fast (S) 16 – 20 Auxiliary (A) 10 – 14 Triple Crown (TC) 24 –...
  • Page 8 Setting Normal or Fast Plate Cooking vegetables, fish Cooking potatoes (using steam) soups, chickpeas, beans. Continuing the cooking of large quantities of food, minestrone For roasting (average) For roasting (above average) For browning and reaching a boil in a short time.