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Manual Operation - LG WD-14570RD Owner's Manual

Fully automatic
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ow to use washer
• This washer-dryer's automatical process
from washing to drying can be selected
• For most even drying, make sure all articles
in the clothes load are similar in material and
• Do not overload dryer by stuffing too many
articles into drum. Items must be able to
tumble freely.
• If you open door and remove load before
dryer has finished its cycle, remember to
press the Start/Pause button.
• "When drying and cooling cycle is completed,
will be on the Multi display.
means that both drying and cooling
cyles are completed".
1. Drying Automatic guide
• Use your Automatic Cycles to dry most loads.
Electronic sensors measure the temperature of
the exhaust to increase or decrease drying
temperatures for faster reaction time and tigher
temperature control.
• If a load is not as dry as you like, complete
drying using a time cycle.
The Estimated drying time varies from
the actual drying time with an
Automatic. The type of fabric, size of
the load, and the dryness selected
affect drying time.
❋ The standard laundry weight which shows
how much laundry to put into the washer.
2. Drying Time Guide

(Manual operation)

• By turnning the Dry dial, the drying time can be
• Drying course can last up to 150min. When
selecting drying only, drying course will start
after 15min spining.
• These drying times are given as a guide to
help you set your dryer for manual drying.
Drying times can vary greatly depending on
dampness, room temperature and type of
fabric and your own experience will be your
best guide.
• Low Temp. : For Synthetics select
• Iron : If you want to iron clothes
• Normal : For Cottons select
• More : For washable nappies select
• Time (30/60/120 minutes)
- 30 min : Cotton 1.5kg
- 60 min : Cotton 3kg
- 120 min : Towel 4kg


Table of Contents