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Pre Wash; Medic Rinse - LG WD-14570RD Owner's Manual

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ow to use washer
Water Temp.
• By pressing the Temp.
button, the water
temperature can be
- Cold
- 30˚C / 40˚C / 60˚C / 95˚C
• Water temperature can be selected as below
according to the program.
- Allergy Care
40˚C – 60˚C – 95°C
- Cotton
Cold – 30˚C – 40˚C – 60˚C – 95˚C
- Synthetic
Cold – 30˚C – 40˚C – 60˚C
- Delicate & Quick 30 & Hand Wash/Wool &
Cold – 30˚C – 40˚C
The required temperature lamp will light up for
For the more detailed information, please refer to
the page14.
1. Intensive
• When washing full load or heavily soiled
laundry, you can increase effectiveness by
choosing intensive option.
• By selecting the Intensive option, the wash
time may be extended, depending on the
program selected.
• To use this option, press the intensive button
once before the wash program is started.

2. Pre Wash

• Use this option for load that need pretreatment.
Add 16 minutes pre wash and drain.
- When using Pre Wash option, do not use
liquid detergent in the main wash
comportment. Use powder for the main wash.
• Available in Cotton, Synthetic and Allergy Care
3. Rinse +
• Used to additional rinse, which may assist in
removing traces of detergent residue.
• By selecting Rinse + function, the Rinse
Time and the Rinse water are increased.

4. Medic Rinse

• For high effectiveness or more purity in rinse
operation you can choose Medic Rinse option.
• Available in Cotton, Synthetic, Allergy Care and
Rinse+Spin program.
• Medic Rinse is default in Allergy Care program.
The required temperature lamp will light up for
By pressing each
the button, each
function will be


Table of Contents