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Manual Operation - LG WD1402CRD6 Owner's Manual

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How to use washer
Drying Time Guide

(Manual operation)

• By pressing the Dry button, the drying time
can be selected.
• Drying course can last up to 150min. When
selecting drying only, drying course will start
after 15min spining. The spin operation can
be bypassed in a Dry only mode if it is not
required by continually pressing the spin
button until "no spin" appears.
• These drying times are given as a guide to
help you set your dryer for manual drying.
Drying times can vary greatly depending on
dampness, room temperature and type of
fabric and your own experience will be your
best guide.
• Cupboard Dry : For Cottons select
• Iron Dry : If you want to iron clothes
• Low Temp. Dry : For Synthetics select
• Time Dry (30/60/90/120/150 minutes)
- 30 min. : Cotton/Towel 0.5 kg
- 60 min. : Cotton/Towel 1.5 kg
- 90 min. : Cotton/Towel 2.5 kg
- 120 min. : Cotton/Towel 3.0 kg
- 150 min. : Cotton/Towel 4.0 kg
• Your dryer can handle a load of up to 4kg
dry weight of articles.
• When loading, shake out each handful of
clothes so that they can tumble freely. Items
should not be loaded in a tangled condition,
as this will lengthen the drying time.
Woolen Articles
- Do not tumble dry woolen articles. Pull them
to their original shape, and Air dry them on a
flat surface.
Woven and Loopknit Materials
- Some woven and loopknit materials may
shrink, by varying amounts, depending on
their quality.
- Always stretch them out immediately after
Permanent Press and Synthetics
- Do not overload your dryer.
- Take out permanent press articles as soon
as the dryer stops in order to reduce
Fibre or Leather Materials
- Always check the manufacture's instructions.
Baby Clothes and Night Gowns
- Always check the manufacture's instructions.
Rubber and Plastics
- Do not dry any items made from or
containing rubber or plastics, such as:
a) aprons, bibs, chair covers
b) curtains and tablecloths
- Do not dry fiberglass articles in your dryer.
Glass particles left in the dryer could be
picked up by your clothes the next time you
use the dryer and irritate your skin.
Completion of Drying
• When drying cycle is completed, "
[COOL DOWN] is displayed on the Multi
• The COOL DOWN begins automatically
when a drying cycle is complete.
• The COOL DOWN function periodically
tumbles, rearranges and fluffs the load to
avoid wrinkles without heat for up to 4
• The COOL DOWN message will continue to
display for 4 hours after the end of the Dry
Cycle, or until the Start/Pause button is

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