Adjust Leveling Legs; Level Range - KitchenAid KERS205TWH3 Installation Instructions Manual

30" (76 cm) freestanding electric ranges
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2. Attachterminallugstolinel
(black), bare (green) ground, and
line 2 (red) wires. Loosen (do not remove) the set screw on the
front of the terminal lug and insert exposed wire end through
bottom of terminal lugs. Securely tighten set screw to torque
as shown in the following Bare Wire Torque Specifications
A. Terminal lug
B. Set screw
C. Line 1 (black) wire
D. Bare (green) ground wire
E, Line 2 (red) wire
Bare Wire Torque Specifications
Attaching terminal lugs to the terminal block - 20 Ibs-in. (2.3 N-m)
Wire Awg
8 gauge copper
25 Ibs-in. (2.8 N-m)
6 gauge aluminum
35 Ibs-in. (4.0 N-m)
3. Use 3/i¢'nut driver to connect the bare (green) ground wire to
the center terminal block post with one of the 10-32 hex nuts.
A. 10-32 hex nut
B. Line 1 (black)
C. Groundqink
D. Bare (green) ground wire
E. Line 2 (red)
t_ Terminal lug
4. Connect line 1 (black) and line 2 (red) wires to the outer
terminal block posts with 10-32 hex nuts.
5. Securely tighten hex nuts.
6. Replace terminal block access cover.
/" ,!&Y"i' ....
1. Move range close to cabinet opening.
2. Remove cardboard or hardboard from under the range. Using
2 or more people, gently move range into its final position.
3. Pull storage drawer out completel%
4. To check that the anit-tip bracket is installed, use a flashlight
and look underneath the bottom of the range.
Look for the anti-tip bracket securely attached to floor or
Slide range back so rear range foot is under anti-tip
1. Place rack in oven. Place level on rack and check levelness of
range, first side to side; then front to back.
2. If range is not level, pull range forward until rear leveling leg is
removed from the anti-tip bracket.
3. Use wrench to adjust leveling legs up or down until range is
level. Push range back into position.
4. Check that rear leveling leg is engaged in anti-tip bracket.
NOTE: Range must be level for satisfactory
baking conditions.
1. Check that all parts are now installed. If there is an extra part,
go back through the steps to see which step was skipped.
2. Check that you have all of your tools.
3. Dispose of/recycle all packaging materials.
4. Check that the range is level. See "Level Range."
5. Use a mild solution of liquid household cleaner and warm
water to remove waxy residue caused by protective shipping
material. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. For more
information, read the "Range Care" section of the Use and
Care Guide.
6. Read "Range Use" in the range Use and Care Guide.
7. Plug power cord into appropriate
outlet. Slide range into its
final location. Check that the flexible conduit or power supply
cord are not bent.
Replace storage drawer.
Turn power on. Turn on surface burners and oven. See the
Use and Care Guide for specific instruction on range



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