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Interior Light; Basket Divider - Kenmore 253.28092 Use & Care Manual

Kenmore elite freezer
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Table of Contents
Optional Features
Slide-Out Basket
(some upright models)
A Slide-Out Basket (some models), located at the bottom
of the freezer, provides separate storage space for items
that are difficult to store on freezer shelves. To remove the
basket, pull out and lift up.

Interior Light

The light comes on automatically when the door is opened.
To replace the light bulb, turn the temperature control to
OFF and unplug the electrical cord. Replace the old bulb
with a bulb of the same wattage.
Tilt-Out Shelf
This shelf is
located inside on
the freezer door
and provides
storage space. To
access an item,
tilt top
of "basket"
shelf down.
Adjustable Door
upright models)
Adjustable door bins
are located on the
inside on the freezer
door and provide
flexible storage
space. The number
of bins provided
varies by model.
Soft Freeze
upright models)
Soft Freeze Zone is
specifically designed
to maintain a higher
temperature than the
rest of the freezer to
store products such as ice cream.
Adjustable Interior Shelves
upright models)
Multi-position adjustable interior shelves can be moved to
any position for larger or smaller packages. The shipping
spacers that stabilize the shelves for shipping may be
removed and discarded.
Tilt-Out Shelf
Adjustable Door Bins
Soft Freeze Zone
Adjustable Interior Shelves
Upright Models
Slide-Aside Basket

Basket Divider

(some upright models)
Use these handy dividers
to keep the various items
stored in your baskets
more organized. To
change the location of
the divider simply slide
your basket out, grab
the divider from the
center and rotate in a counterclockwise direction until it
is disengaged. To assemble, simply align as shown in the
figure below and rotate in a clockwise direction until it
swings into place.
Shelf Bookend
Adustable Interior Shelves
Upright Models
Slide-Aside Basket
(some chest models)
This basket helps
organize odd-shaped
items. To reach other
packages in the freezer,
slide the basket aside, or
lift out.
Basket Divider
Shelf Bookend
(some upright models)
Glass Shelf Bookend
Use these handy
bookends to keep the
boxed items stored
neatly in your freezer. To
adjust location, simply
slide where desired.

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Table of Contents

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