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OTMT SC4 User Manual And Installation Manual page 34

Bench lathe
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carriage, and the leadscrew and may endanger
the operator.
Avoid distractions in the shop during power
feed operations: control of the lathe requires
your undivided attention!
Keep your right hand on the power feed
lever, ready to disengage it quickly. Use
low spindle RPM settings (400 RPM) until
you are familiar with making cuts using
power feed.
1. Use the carriage handwheel and cross-
slide handwheel to move the tip of the
cutting tool close to the end of the
2. Advance the cross-slide until the tip of the
cutting tool begins to make a shallow cut
into the side of the workpiece.
3. Once the tip of the cutting tool makes
contact, rotate the power feed (Half-Nut)
lever about 45 degrees clockwise until it
locks into position.
4. The carriage should be moving towards the
headstock and the carriage handwheel
may be rotating.
5. As the tip of the tool moves along the side
of the workpiece, it should remove a layer
of material along the diameter, thus
reducing the diameter.
6. After advancing the carriage about 1",
rotate the power feed lever counter-
clockwise until it reaches the stop near the
vertical position.
7. Make a note of the current reading of the
calibrated cross-feed dial. Retract the tool
by rotating the cross-feed handwheel
counterclockwise about one revolution.
8. Rotate the carriage handwheel clockwise to
manually move the tip of the cutting tool
back past the right end of the workpiece.
9. Advance the cutting tool to the setting of
the cross-feed dial noted earlier, then
advance the cross-feed an additional ten
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divisions. This will set the tool for the next
cutting pass.
10. Repeat steps 3 through 8 to make two
more passes along the workpiece.
11. Withdraw the cutting tool clear of the
workpiece. Press the Stop button on the
control panel to stop the lathe.
Workpiece after turning with power feed
Caution: As with a facing cut, a turning cut
may also leave a sharp edge. Use a file to
clean up the sharp edge before handling the
The auto feed lever, in the downward position,
drives the carriage along the ways much like
the power feed, but at a slower speed. It is
convenient for making a final finishing cut for a
smooth finish.
Workpiece turned with fine-feed