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Electronic Controls; Control Panel; Setting The Spindle Speed; Emergency Stop Button - OTMT SC4 User Manual And Installation Manual

Bench lathe
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Electronic Controls

The main power switch for the lathe is the red
rocker switch located on the control panel. A
green pilot lamp illuminates when the power is
on. A fuse holder above the pilot lamp contains
a replaceable 20 Amp fuse to protect the lathe
from electrical overloads.

Control Panel

A soft-touch panel of buttons controls the lathe
spindle speed and direction:
é - Increase spindle RPM speed
ê - decrease spindle RPM speed
Start – start the spindle motor
– set spindle to forward rotational
– set spindle to reverse rotational
Stop – stop the spindle motor
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Control Panel

Setting the Spindle Speed

To start the spindle rotation, press the Start
button. The current spindle rotational speed
and direction (FOR or REV) are displayed on
the digital display.
Spindle-speed tachometer
When the lathe is powered on or the
Emergency Stop button is reset, the display
will momentarily display 8888, then will display
To increase the speed of spindle rotation,
depress and hold down the é button. To
decrease spindle speed, depress and hold
down the ê button. Small incremental changes
to the spindle speed may be made by
momentarily pressing the buttons. To stop the
spindle rotation, press the Stop button.
The first time that the Start button is pressed
after turning on the power to the lathe, of after
resetting the Emergency Stop button, the
spindle will begin turning at its slowest speed,
about 100 RPM.
When the operating speed is adjusted to a
higher RPM, the new speed is saved when the
Stop button is pressed. When Start is pressed
again, the lathe will resume operating at the
saved speed. The saved speed is cleared
when the lathe is powered off or the
Emergency Stop button is pressed.

Emergency Stop Button

Located below the Start button, the red
Emergency Stop button is used to quickly
stop the spindle in the event of an emergency,