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Drill Sets; End Mills; Eye Protection - OTMT SC4 User Manual And Installation Manual

Bench lathe
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end sharply into the chuck. The arbor should
now be tightly coupled to the chuck.
When mounting the arbor in the tailstock taper,
again, both tapers should be free from any oil,
grease or grit to ensure a tight coupling. Hold
the chuck in one hand, then snap it rapidly into
the tailstock taper to ensure that the tapers
lock securely together.
The tailstock chuck arbor is removed from the
tailstock by rotating the tailstock handwheel
counterclockwise until the arbor is forced out.
When cutting off the excess end of the arbor,
care must be taken to ensure that it is not cut
too short, or it will not be long enough to be
forced out of the tailstock for removal.

Drill Sets

Drill sets in inch, metric and number and letter
sizes will provide a great range of capabilities
when using the lathe as a precision drill press.
Inch-size Drill Sets

End Mills

End mills are the most commonly used cutting
tools for milling operations when using the
optional milling head accessory
End mills are available in a wide range of sizes,
configurations and materials specialized for
different types of work. For general use, a set
of 2- and 4-flute, high-speed-steel (HSS) is
convenient to start with, as it will handle many
basic operations.
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Eye Protection

Lathes produce hot and sharp metal chips that
can fly out from the cutting area at high speed
to a distance of 24 inches or more. Always
glasses or face shields when operating the
lathe. Safety shields attached to the machine
or held by a magnetic base may also be used
together with eye protection for additional
(Item # 87-
Set of 2- and 4-flute end mills
(Item #
Safety glasses
Item #
Face shield
Item #