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Spindle Disengagement Knob - OTMT SC4 User Manual And Installation Manual

Bench lathe
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such as a workpiece working loose from the
Emergency Stop button
Pressing the Emergency Stop button firmly
with the heel of the hand will bring the spindle
to a stop and keep the lathe from restarting
until the Emergency Stop button is reset by
rotating the knurled rim of the button in a
clockwise direction.
Pressing the Start button, or any other control
on the panel, will have no effect until the
Emergency Stop button is reset. When the
Emergency Stop button is reset, the spindle
speed will also be reset to the minimum speed
of about 100 RPM.

Spindle Disengagement Knob

The large silver knob to the right of the
disengages the spindle from the motor drive
while still allowing the leadscrew to turn and
move the carriage under power from the gear
Spindle Disengagement Knob
When performing milling operations using the
milling head accessory
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(Item #
87-116-027) the
spindle should be disengaged for safety so that
the rotating chuck does not pose a hazard.
With the lathe stopped, turn the knob to the
right about ¼ turn to disengage the spindle. To
re-engage it, rotate the knob to the left while
also turning the chuck by hand to allow the
gears inside the head to mesh. The knob
should not be moved while the motor is