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Bench Mounting; Machine Cleanup - OTMT SC4 User Manual And Installation Manual

Bench lathe
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Bench Mounting

For stability and safe operation the lathe must
be bolted to a sturdy machine stand or
workbench capable of safely supporting at
least 350 lbs. A carpenters or machinists level
should be used to verify that the lathe bed is
level. Large diameter metal fender washers or
shims may be used under mounting feet to
level the lathe. Sufficient clearance must be
provided on the left side of the lathe to allow
the access door to swing open and provide
working room to adjust the gears

Machine Cleanup

The lathe is protected from rust during shipping
by a waxy red grease that must be removed
before putting the machine to use. This is best
done using disposable shop rags and paint
brushes together with a solvent such as
kerosene or WD-40 . Avoid solvents such as
paint thinner that may damage the painted
surfaces of the lathe, and highly volatile
solvents such as acetone that present a fire
and inhalation hazard.
Good ventilation must be provided when
solvents are used and care must be taken to
avoid open flames, smoking materials or
electrical sparks that could ignite solvent fumes.
Care should be taken to clean the shipping
grease from all moving parts, including parts
that may be hidden from view, such as
compound slide.
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