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Food Storage Information - Haier HSE04WNA User Manual

Haier compact refrigerator user manual
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Food Storage Information

Fresh Food
• When storing fresh food, which is not prepackaged, be sure to wrap or
store food in airtight and moisture proof material unless otherwise
noted. This will ensure proper shelf life and prevent the transfer of
odors and tastes.
• Wipe containers before storing to avoid needless spills.
• Eggs should be stored in an upright position in their original carton to
maximize shelf life.
• Fruit should be washed and dried then stored in sealed plastic bags
before storing in the refrigerator.
• Vegetables with skins should be stored in plastic bags or containers.
• Leafy vegetables should be washed and drained and then stored in
plastic bags or containers.
• Hot food should be allowed to cool before storing in the refrigeration.
This will prevent unnecessary energy use.
• Fresh seafood should be used the same day as purchased.
• When storing meats in the fresh food section, keep in the original
packaging or rewrap as necessary. Follow the suggestions below for
safe storage:
• Chicken
• Ground Beef
• Cold Cuts
• Steaks/Roasts
• Smoked/Cured Meats
• All others
1-2 Days
1-2 Days
3-5 Days
3-5 Days
7-10 Days
1-2 Days

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Table of Contents

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