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Defrosting - Haier HSE04WNA User Manual

Haier compact refrigerator user manual
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Defrosting Your Refrigerator
NOTE: If you have purchased a model with no freezer section,
you do not need to defrost.
• For maximum energy efficiency, defrost freezer section
whenever frost accumulates to a thickness of 1/4" or more
on freezer walls. Note that frost tends to accumulate
more during the summer months.
• To defrost freezer, remove food and ice cube tray from the freezer
section. Make sure the drip tray is under the freezer section and turn
temperature control dial to OFF position. Defrosting may take a
few hours. To speed up defrost time, keep the door open
and place a bowl of warm water in the refrigerator.
• While defrosting, water will accumulate in the drip tray. The drip tray
may also need to be emptied during the defrost process.
Do not leave unattended. (see Fig. 7)
• After defrosting, empty and wipe down the drip tray, as well as the
interior of the refrigerator. You may now reset your refrigerator to the
desired temperature and return food.
(see Fig. # 7)
drip tray
fig. # 7

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Table of Contents

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