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Refrigerator Features And Use; General Features; Refrigerator Interior Shelves - Haier HSE04WNA User Manual

Haier compact refrigerator user manual
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Refrigerator Features And Use

General Features

Adjustable temperature dial:
Your refrigerator will automatically
maintain the temperature level you
select. The temperature control dial has
7 settings plus off. 1 is the warmest. 7 is
the coldest. Turning the dial to OFF stops
cooling in both the refrigeration and
freezer sections. At first, set the dial to 4
and allow 24 hours to pass before
adjusting the temperature to your needs.

Refrigerator Interior Shelves

To remove or replace a full-width slide-out shelf:
(see fig. # 4)
1. Gently tilt the shelf up and slide forward until the shelf has been
completely removed.
2. To replace the shelf, gently slide the shelf back.
(Note: If the refrigerator has
been placed in a horizontal or
tilted position for any period
of time wait 24 hours before
plugging the unit in.)
fig. # 4

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Table of Contents

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