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Haier HSL04WNA - 06-04 User Manual

Compact refrigerators
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Compact Refrigerators
Refrigerador Compacto
Réfrigératuer Compact
User Manual
Model # HSL04WNA, HSP04WNB
Guide de l'Utilisateur
Modéle # HSL04WNA, HSP04WNB
Manual del Usuario
Para Modelo de # HSL04WNA, HSP04WNB



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  Summary of Contents for Haier HSL04WNA - 06-04

  • Page 1 Compact Refrigerators Refrigerador Compacto Réfrigératuer Compact ® User Manual Model # HSL04WNA, HSP04WNB Guide de l’Utilisateur Modéle # HSL04WNA, HSP04WNB Manual del Usuario Para Modelo de # HSL04WNA, HSP04WNB Quality Innovation Style ■ ■...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Read all of the instructions before using this appliance. When using this appliance, always exercise basic safety precautions, including the following: 1. Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this use and care guide. 2. This refrigerator must be properly installed in accordance with the installation instructions before it is used.
  • Page 3 English 10. This refrigerator should not be recessed or built-in an enclosed cabinet. It is designed for freestanding installation only. 11. Do not operate your refrigerator in the presence of explosive fumes. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS DANGER Risk of child entrapment. Before you throw away your old refrigerator or freezer, take off the doors.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Refrigerator Interior Shelves ................10 Dispense-A-Can™ ..................11 Using The Lock ....................11 Defrosting ....................12 Food Storage Information................13 Normal Operating Sounds ................14 Proper Refrigerator Care and Cleaning ............14 Cleaning and Maintenance ................14 Power Interruptions ..................14 Vacations and Moving Care ................14 Troubleshooting ..................15 Warranty Information ..................16...
  • Page 5: Features And Diagrams

    7. Adjustable Front Leveling Leg (not shown) 2. Ice Cube Tray 8. “Dispense-A-Can™” can storage 3. Drip Tray 9. Fixed Door Shelf (varies per model) 4. Adjustable Temperature Control 10. Lock With Key (HSL04WNA only) 5. Slide-Out Shelves 6. Retainer Bar...
  • Page 6: Installing Your Refrigerator

    • Make sure there is a suitable power Outlet (115 volts, 15 amps outlet) with proper grounding to power the refrigerator. • Avoid the use of three plug adapters or cutting off the third grounding in order to accommodate a two plug outlet. This is a dangerous practice since it provides no...
  • Page 7: Use Of Extension Cord

    • Avoid the use of an extension cord because of potential safety hazards under certain conditions. If it is necessary to use an extension cord, use only a 3-wire extension cord that has a 3-blade grounding plug and a 3-slot outlet that will accept the plug.
  • Page 8: Door Alignment

    2. Remove the top hinge cover. 3. Loosen the top hinge screws using a phillips head screwdriver. 4. Adjust the door or put a spacer in between and then tighten the screws. 5. Replace the top hinge cover. Fig. 1...
  • Page 9: Door Reversal

    7. Align the holes in the lower hinge bracket to the corresponding holes in the opposite side of the cabinet. Insert and tighten the screws.(see fig. # 3) 8. Align the bottom hole on the left side of the door with the pin of the lower hinge and slide into place.
  • Page 10 English 9. Align the pin of the top hinge with top hole on the left side of the door and push into place. Replace the screws in the upper hinge bracket but do not tighten all the way. (see fig. # 2) 10.
  • Page 11: Refrigerator Features And Use

    Your refrigerator will automatically maintain the temperature level you select. The temperature control dial has 7 settings plus off. 1 is the warmest. 7 is the coldest. Turning the dial to OFF stops cooling in both the refrigeration and freezer sections.
  • Page 12: Dispense-A-Can

    • Your refrigerator may be equipped with the convenient “Dispense-A-Can™” compartment. Each compartment will hold up to four cans. Simply load the cans from the top. To dispense a can, simply draw one out from the bottom. It is that easy.
  • Page 13: Defrosting

    Do not leave unattended. (see Fig. 7) • After defrosting, empty and wipe down the drip tray, as well as the interior of the refrigerator. You may now reset your refrigerator to the desired temperature and return food.
  • Page 14: Food Storage Information

    FOOD STORAGE INFORMATION Fresh Food • When storing fresh food, which is not prepackaged, be sure to wrap or store food in airtight and moisture proof material unless otherwise noted. This will ensure proper shelf life and prevent the transfer of odors and tastes.
  • Page 15: Normal Operating Sounds

    Remove the power cord from AC outlet when a power outage occurs. When power has been restored, replug power cord to AC outlet. If outage is for a prolonged period, inspect and discard spoiled or thawed food in freezer and refrigerator.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    • Check if thermostat control is not in the “OFF” position. • Check if refrigerator is plugged in. • Check if there is power at the ac outlet, by checking the circuit breaker. Food temperature appears too warm • Frequent door openings.
  • Page 17: Warranty Information

    PARTICULAR PURPOSE evaporator from manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years from the date of The remedy provided in this warranty is exclusive and is granted in lieu of all other purchase. Any damages to such remedies.
  • Page 18 IMPORTANT Ne pas retourner cet article au magasin En cas de problème avec cet article, veuillez contacter le « Centre satisfaction client » de Haier au 1-877-337-3639. UNE PREUVE D’ACHAT DATÉE, LE NUMÉRO DU MODÈLE ET LE NUMÉRO DE SÉRIE SONT OBLIGATOIRES POUR BÉNÉFICIER DE LA COUVERTURE OFFERTE PAR LA GARANTIE.

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