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Operating Instructions - Haier HPIM26S User Manual

Portable electronic icemaker - platinum
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Operating Instructions

1. Open the top cover, take out the ice storage basket and fill the water reservoir
with drinkable (tap, purified or bottled) 0.8 gallons water to the level mark
and replace the ice storage basket.
Lift ice basket to add water
Make sure that the water level does not reach above the level mark or the
bottom of the ice storage basket. Close the top cover.
Note: During the operation process, if the level of water in the water reservoir
becomes too low, the machine will automatically stop operating and the
"Add Water"
2. Plug the unit into a grounded outlet. Push the ON / OFF button on the control
panel to turn on the machine.
3. Select the desired size of ice cube by pressing the S, M, or L ice selector
S = Small ice cubes (Approx. 6 minutes)
M = Medium ice cubes (Approx. 9 minutes)
L = Large ice cubes (Approx. 12 minutes)
The icemaker will start making ice soon after. The next cycle of 12 ice cubes
is complete (based on water temperature, ambient room temperature and
selected ice cube size).
Note: To stop the operation, press the ON/OFF button.
indicator will display on the LED.



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