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Operating Process - Haier HPIM26S User Manual

Portable electronic icemaker - platinum
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Operating Process

1. Water is pumped from the water storage tank to the water box, which may
take up to 1 minute.
2. The icemaking cycle begins when the evaporator rods are dipped into the
water box. You will hear the compressor working.
3. It will take approximately 6-12 minutes for each icemaking cycle, depending
on the size selected. The larger the size, the more time is needed to make the
ice. After the cycle is finished, the water box will tilt forward and the
remaining water will flow back into the water storage tank. The evaporator
rods will then release the ice cubes.
Note: If the room ambient temperature is
ice cube sizes are suggested to prevent ice cubes from fusing together.
4. Approximately 60 seconds later, the water box will tilt backwards and the ice
pusher will push the ice into the ice storage basket. After the water box flips
back to its original position, the next icemaking cycle will begin.
5. When the maximum capacity of ice cubes is collected and the ice reaches the
temperature sensor, the icemaker will automatically stop operating. The "ICE
FULL" LED indicator will light up.
If more ice is needed, remove the ice from the ice storage basket; then
replace the basket into the machine, making sure that the basket is placed
back to its original position. Note: When replacing the basket, ensure that the
temperature sensor is above the basket so that the machine operates properly.
6. To continue making ice, check that there is water in the water storage tank. If
there is no water in the water storage tank, then no water will be pumped into
the water box, and the operation will stop. The "Add Water" LED display will
light up. Press the "OFF" button. Fill the water storage tank with water, and
then press the "ON" button for the icemaker to begin operating again. Allow
the refrigerant inside the compressor at least 3 minutes to settle before
If the compressor stops for any reason such as water shortage, too
much ice, power off, etc., do not restart the machine right away.
Wait at least 3 minutes before restarting the machine.
60˚ F, then small or medium



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