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Haier HUF138PA User Manual page 11

Upright frost free freezer
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Reversing the Door (
This freezer is equipped with a reversible door for left/right opening. If you prefer
to change the direction of door opening, follow the steps below:
Note: The freezer comes with the door hinged to the right.
fig. 5
1. Fix the freezer door in place with strong adhesive tape.
2. Dismantle the hinge box cover on the top of the freezer door with a Phillips
screwdriver and remove the 2 screws from the hinge. Take out the hinge by
pulling up vertically. Put these aside.
3. Remove the adhesive tape on the freezer door, lift and take the door
down.Carefully put it aside.
4. Remove the door pin from the bracket of the lower hinge by turning it
counter clockwise. Move the pin to the opposite hole and tighten. (see fig. 6)
5. Remove the 4 screws from the lower hinge with a Hexhead screwdriver.
Remove the washer and shim from the right side and install them to the left
6. Align the holes in the lower hinge bracket to the corresponding holes on the
opposite side of the cabinet. Insert and tighten screws.
7. Align the bottom hole on the lower left side of the door with the pin of the
lower hinge and slide into place.
NOTE: Remove white hole plugs from left/right top hinge holes and replace
in opposite side.
8. Align the pin of the top hinge with the top hole on the left side of the door
and push in place. Replace the screws in the upper hinge bracket but do not
tighten all the way.
9. Align the door from top to bottom and tighten the 2 screws on the top hinge.
10. Snap on the hinge box cover.
11. Screw the hinge box cover using a phillips screw driver.
fig. 5 & 6)
fig. 5)
Door Pin
fig. 6

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