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Installation Of Indoor Unit; Installation Of Outdoor Unit; Installation Manual Of Room Air Conditioner - Haier 10557172 Operation Manual

Floor unit
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Installation Manual of Room Air Conditioner


Installation of outdoor unit

selection of installation place
Place strong enough to support the unit and will
not cause vibration and noise.
Place where discharged wind and noise does not
cause a nuisance to the neighbors.
Place where is less affected by rain or direct sunlight
and is sufficiently ventilated,or to install a shield.
Place with enough space for smooth air flow.

Installation of indoor unit

selection of installation place
Place where it is easy to route drainage pipe
and outdoor piping.
Place, away from heat source and with less
direct sunlight.
Place where cool and warm air could be
delivered evently to every corner of the room.
Place near power supply socket.Leave enough
space around the unit.
Place, robust not causing vibration, where the
body can be supported sufficiently.
To prevent interference, place it at least 1m
away from other electric machines, such as
TV set, radio.
According to the dimension of the Figure 2 shown
nail two cement steel nails on the wall keep 2-3mm
out, then hang the back of the unit on them.
There must be no gap between the indoor unit and
Remove the front panel,then use two fastening
screws to fix the unit on the floor. As Figure 3 shown.
Once refrigerant piping and drain piping connections
are complete,fill the gap of the through hole with putty.
Attach the front panel and front grille in their orginal
positions once all connections are complete.


Table of Contents

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