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Air Flow Selection - Haier 10557172 Operation Manual

Floor unit
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Table of Contents
Parts and Functions
Before opening the front grille, be sure
to stop the operation and turn the
breaker OFF.
Do not touch the metal parts on the
inside of the indoor unit, as it may result
in injury.
ON/OFF button
Push once to start operation,
push once again to stop it.
Operation is set to AUTO, air
flow is set to AUTO FAN.
Use when remote controller is
not available.
Indoor temperature sensor
Senses the air temperature around the unit.

Air flow selection

Make air flow selection according to what suits you.
When setting the air flow selection
switch to
Air conditioner automatically decides the
appropriate blowing pattern depending on the
operating mode/situation.
During Dry mode, so that cold air does not come
into direct contact with people, air is blown upper
air outlet.
When setting the air outlet selection
switch to
Regardless of the operating mode or situation, air
blows from the upper air outlet.
Use this switch when you do not want air coming
out of the lower air outlet. (While sleeping etc..)
Signals are received from the remote
controller here.
Upon receiving a signal, there is a receiving
Air outlet selection switch
This setting blows air from upper outlet only.
This setting automatically decides a blow
pattern depending on mode and conditions.
This setting is
The unit is shipped from the
factory with this setting.
Air outlet
When the room has
become fully cool, or
when one hour has
passed since turning
on the air conditioner.
At start of operation
or other times when
the room is not fully
At times other than
below. (Normal
At start or when air
temperature is low.
Blowing pattern
So that air does not come
into direct contact with
people, air is blown upper air
outlet, room temperature is
Air is blown from the upper and
lower air outlets for high speed
cooling during Cool mode, and
for filling the room with warm
air during Heat mode.
So that air does not come into
direct contact with people. Air
is blown upper air outlet.


Table of Contents

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