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Mitsubishi Electric PLA-RP.BA Operation Manual

Indoor unit
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Indoor unit

For safe and correct use, please read this operation manual thoroughly before operating the air-conditioner unit.



  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric PLA-RP.BA

  • Page 1: Indoor Unit

    Air-Conditioners Indoor unit PLA-RP . BA OPERATION MANUAL FOR USER English For safe and correct use, please read this operation manual thoroughly before operating the air-conditioner unit. 中文...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This symbol mark is according to the directive 2002/96/EC Article 10 Information for users and Annex IV. WEEE) Your MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components which can be re- cycled and reused. This symbol means that electrical and electronic equipment, at their end-of-life, should be disposed of separately from your house- hold waste.
  • Page 3 2. Parts Names Wired Remote-Controller “Sensor” indication Display Section Displayed when the remote controller sensor is used. Day-of-Week For purposes of this explanation, Shows the current day of the week. all parts of the display are shown. During actual operation, only the Time/Timer Display relevant items will be displayed.
  • Page 4 2. Parts Names Wireless Remote-Controller Transmission area Transmission indicator Remote controller display Timer indicator * For explanation purposes, all of the items that appear in the display are shown. * All items are displayed when the Reset but- ton is pressed. Operation areas ON/OFF button Set Temperature buttons...
  • Page 5: Screen Confi Guration

    3. Screen Confi guration <Screen Types> For details on setting the language for the remote controller display, refer Function Selection of remote Set Day/Time controller to section 8. Function Selection. TIME SUN The initial language setting is English. Function Selection of remote controller: Set the functions and ranges available to the remote controller (timer functions, operating restrictions, etc.)
  • Page 6 5. Operation <To Stop Operation> 5.3. Temperature setting Press the ON/OFF button 1 again. To decrease the room temperature: • The ON lamp 1 and the display area go dark. Press button 3 to set the desired temperature. The selected temperature is displayed 3. Note: Even if you press the ON/OFF button immediately after shutting down the op- To increase the room temperature:...
  • Page 7 5. Operation < How to set the fixed up/down air direction (Only for wired remote controller) > Horizontal airflow Downward Note: This function cannot be set depending on the outdoor unit to be connected. Remote controller setting Fixing The airflow direction of The airflow direction of •...
  • Page 8 5. Operation < Process for setting > [1] To turn off air conditioner and change the remote [4] To cancel "Fixed airfl ow direction mode" 1.Press ON/OFF button 1 to cancel "Fixed airfl ow direction mode". controller to "Fixed airfl ow direction mode" It is also canceled by pressing Fan Speed button 2 and Filter button 1.Press ON/OFF button 1 to turn off the air conditioner.
  • Page 9 5. Operation How to fi nd air conditioner No. [2] To check by changing unit No. one after the other Each air conditioner has its own refrigerant address No. and unit No. (Maximum unit No. is 4) (Example below). To fi nd air conditioner No. to set, refer to the procedures below. 1.Press Mode button (Return button) 4 and unit No.
  • Page 10: Timer

    6. Timer <Setting the Weekly Timer> 6.1. For Wired Remote-controller You can use Function Selection of remote controller to select which of Shows the time Shows the selected operation (ON or OFF) setting * Does not appear if operation is not set. three types of timer to use: 1 Weekly timer, 2 Simple timer, or 3 Auto Off timer.
  • Page 11 6. Timer <To Turn On the Weekly Timer> 4. With “ON” or “OFF” showing at 3: Press the appropriate Set Time but- Press the Timer On/Off button 9 so that the “Timer Off” indication (at as necessary to set the hours to ON (if “ON” is displayed) or the goes dark.
  • Page 12 6. Timer Examples <How to Set the Auto Off Timer> If ON and OFF times have both been set at the simple timer, operation Timer Setting and display are as indicated below. AFTER Example 1: Start the timer with ON time set earlier than OFF time AUTO OFF ON Setting: 3 hours...
  • Page 13: Other Functions

    6. Timer 6.2. For Wireless Remote-controller 1 Press the button (TIMER SET). AUTO STOP AUTO START • Time can be set while the following symbol is blinking. OFF timer : A is blinking. ON timer : A is blinking. 2 Use the buttons to set the desired time.
  • Page 14: Function Selection

    7. Other Functions 7.2. Error Codes indication ERROR CODE ON lamp (Blinking) ON/OFF Error Code Indoor Unit No. Indoor Unit’s Refriger- ant Address If you have entered contact number to be called in the event of a problem, the screen displays this number. Alternating Display (You can set this up under Function Selection of remote controller.
  • Page 15 8. Function Selection [Function selection fl owchart] Normal display (Display when the air conditioner is not running) Setting language (English) Hold down the button and press the button for 2 seconds. Press the operation mode button. Hold down the button and press the button for 2 seconds.
  • Page 16 8. Function Selection [Detailed setting] [4]-3 Mode selection setting [4]-1 CHANGE LANGUAGE setting (1) Remote controller main/sub setting The language that appears on the dot display can be selected. • To switch the setting, press the [ ON/OFF] button D. •...
  • Page 17 8. Function Selection [Dot display table] Selecting language English Germany Spanish Russian Italy Chinese French Japanese Waiting for start-up Operation mode Cool Heat Auto Auto(Cool) Auto(Heat) Ventilation Stand by (Hot adjust) Defrost Set temperature Fan speed Not use button Check (Error) Test run Self check Unit function selection...
  • Page 18: Emergency Operation For Wireless Remote-Controller

    9. Emergency Operation for Wireless Remote-controller When the remote controller cannot be used When the batteries of the remote controller run out or the remote control- ler malfunctions, the emergency operation can be done using the emer- gency buttons on the grille. A DEFROST/STAND BY lamp B Operation lamp C Emergency operation switch (heating)
  • Page 19: Trouble Shooting

    11. Trouble Shooting Having trouble? Here is the solution. (Unit is operating normally.) Air conditioner does not heat or cool well. Clean the fi lter. (Airfl ow is reduced when the fi lter is dirty or clogged.) Check the temperature adjustment and adjust the set temperature. Make sure that there is plenty of space around the outdoor unit.
  • Page 20: Specifi Cations

    11. Trouble Shooting Having trouble? Here is the solution. (Unit is operating normally.) Noise is louder than specifi cations. The indoor operation sound level is affected by the acoustics of the par- ticular room as shown in the following table and will be higher than the noise specifi...
  • Page 22 This product is designed and intended for use in the residential, commercial and light-industrial environment. The product at hand is • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC based on the following • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/ EU regulations: 336/ EEC Please be sure to put the contact address/telephone number on this manual before handing it to the customer.