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Grizzly G0516 Instruction Manual: Adjusting Cross Slide; Adjusting Compound Slide

Grizzly combination lathe/mill instruction manual g0516.
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Cross Slide
The cross slide is only designed to move perpen-
dicular to the longitudinal axis of the lathe, and it
features a scale on the handwheel that displays
graduations of one thousandths of an inch
To adjust the cross slide:
Using the handwheel, back the cross slide
away from your starting point by at least
.015", then move the cross slide forward to
your starting point. Note—this procedure will
clear any free movement (or backlash) in the
lead screw so your handwheel scale reading
will be accurate.
Hold the handwheel still and turn the scale
so the "0" mark lines up with the ".000" mark
on the cross slide, as shown in Figure 23. As
long as you avoid backlash by continuing to
move the cross slide in the same direction,
the scale on the handwheel will be accurate.
Figure 23. Adjusting handwheel scale.
After moving the cross slide backward after
your operation, remember to clear the back-
lash before moving the cross slide forward to
the "0" mark for the next cut.
G0516 Lathe/Mill
Compound Slide
Similar to the cross slide, the compound slide fea-
tures a scale that displays graduations of one
thousandths of an inch (.001"). Unlike the cross
slide, the compound slide can be rotated to a set
angle and then it can be moved back and forth
along the axis of that angle.
To adjust the compound slide:
Loosen the compound slide bolts shown in
Figure 24 to allow it to be rotated.
Figure 24. Compound slide bolts.
Rotate the compound slide to the angle
needed for your procedure.
Tighten the compound slide bolts, and check
the angle again to make sure it did not move
during tightening.
Use the compound slide handwheel to move
the tool back and forth along the axis of the
new angle. Similar to adjusting the cross
slide handwheel, make sure the threads are
engaging and all backlash has been cleared
before you set the handwheel scale to "0", or
it will not be accurate.


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