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Whirlpool TU4000 Series Use And Care Manual

Trash masher compactor built-in model tu4000 series use and care guide
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Built-h Model
TU4000 Series
'rash Compactors. Room AH Condltloners
Oehumldlflers. Automallc Washers, Clothes Dryers. Freezers, Relrlgerator-Freezers,
Ice Makers. DIshwashers. BullI-In Ovens and Surface Units. Range


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 TRASH MASHER”; Compactor Built-h Model TU4000 Series ..-a’ ‘~~ ‘rash Compactors. Room AH Condltloners Oehumldlflers. Automallc Washers, Clothes Dryers. Freezers, Relrlgerator-Freezers, Ice Makers. DIshwashers. BullI-In Ovens and Surface Units. Range...
  • Page 2: Safety First

    Caring for Your TRASH MASHER d Compactor _..., _..., Changing Your Compactor’s If You Need Service or Assistance c 1984 Whirlpool Corporation Anything it’s not in use. Remove the key knob to a safe place. of the drawer can help keep broken glass bag with care.
  • Page 3 Your TRASH MASHER@ Compactor Parts and Features Restart Light Drawer Handle- P-Color Front Panel ! Toe Plate h Adjustable Now is Information if you call for service and numbers. There is no warranty Model Purchase Date Sewce Company Telephone fill In the spaces below.
  • Page 4 Using your TRASH MASHER” Compactor 1. Open the drawer. Lift and pull the handle to open the drawer. AESTART 2. Put in the trash. Load almost any kind of trash. Wrap or cover wet or messy trash. Load bottles or cans on their sides in the center of the drawer. DO NOT compact: Any container or aerosol cans which might contain poisonous or explosive products.
  • Page 5 Air Fresheners The Air Freshener Control is designed to help control odors that might develop In the trash There are many solid air fresheners available on the market. How the compactor works The compacting ram does not go to the drawer bottom. You will not see compacting of the first few ‘oadings.
  • Page 6 DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF BAG OTHER THAN THE PLASTIC-LINED DESIGNED ESPECIALLY COMPACTOR. TRASH MASHER” bags may be purchased from your Whirlpool Appliance Dealer (Part No. 675186) or from Whirlpool Corporation, LaPorte Division, 1900 Whirlpool Drive, LaPorte, Indiana 46350.
  • Page 7 Caring for Your TRASH MASHER” Compactor As IS true of most appliances proper care is needed to give you continued satisfaction. Clean exterior surfaces Wipe with warm, sudsy water and a damp cloth Rinse. Dry with a soft cloth. Wipe up spills right away. Some foods can mar the finish if left on the top Clean inside the drawer Wear rubber gloves.
  • Page 8 To clean inside the cabinet, remove the drawer Pull the drawer out until stops Note the tracks which the drawer rollers move. Lrft the front to clear the drawer stops Wipe off the ram cover . WEAR RUBBER GLOVES. Wipe glass particles off ram cover with a cloth or paper towels.
  • Page 9: Changing Your Compactor's Color

    Changing Your Compactor’s Color Behind the color panel on the front of your compactor’s drawer is one other color, so you have a choice of two Consumer Buy Guide colors for the front. The lists the color choices. To change the color of your compactor’s follow the directions below.
  • Page 10 7iicMGw?E FRANCHISED SERVICE 3. If you need service’... Whirlpool has a nationwide chised TECH-CARE’ TECH-CARE service technicians fulfill the product warranty and provide after-war- ranty service, anywhere in the United States. To locate TECH-CARE service in your area, call our...
  • Page 11 Notes...
  • Page 12 Making your world a little easier Part No. 780335 Printed in U.S.A. ~‘1984 Whirlpool Corporation “..d’ actors. Room Atr Condltmners. Dehumldbers, Automatx Washers, Clothes Dryers, Freezers. Relngerator-Freezers. Ice Makers, DIshwashers. Built-In Ovens and Surface Units, Ranges. Mlcrowa...