Fujitsu FPCBC27 User Manual page 8

Battery charging station
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below). It is normal for the charger to become slightly warm
during charging.
• Do not use the battery charger in humid, dusty, or poorly
ventilated places or if any foreign substance, such as water
or dirt has gotten inside.
• Replace any charger that has LEDs which do not indicate
the correct operating mode (See Table 1).
Connecting battery chargers
On the bottom of the battery charging station, there is a rotating
hook with which you can connect one battery charger to
another. The hook is primarily designed to simply align the
chargers, not to connect them tightly. Never use the hook to
hang the battery charger; it is not designed for hanging,
and will not support the weight of the charger.
To use the hook to align battery chargers, rotate it so that it
hooks to the post adjacent to it. Hook the protruding end to the
small post on the other charging station bottom (Figure 5).


Table of Contents

Table of Contents