Installing A Module - Fujitsu FPCBC27 User Manual

Battery charging station
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The adapter modules bays each hold
Adapter Module Bays.
an adapter module. A variety of modules are available, and
each is designed to accept a different Fujitsu battery.
The power cable Supplies power to the charger.
Power Cable.
The power switch turns AC power on and off.
Power Switch.
Factors that can affect charger performance
If the temperature of a battery connected to the charger is
extremely high or low, the battery charger will stand by for
charging until the battery returns to room temperature. This
feature is designed to prevent battery damage.
Figure 3. Adapter Module Examples

Installing a module

A variety of modules are available that will fit onto the battery
charger, depending upon which batteries you would like to
charge (some of them are pictured in Figure 3). Although they
may look very different, all of the adapters connect in the same


Table of Contents

Table of Contents