Installing A Battery; Charging A Battery - Fujitsu FPCBC27 User Manual

Battery charging station
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Installing a battery

1. Position the battery over the module adapter with the bat-
tery connector aligned with the charger's battery plug.
2. Insert the battery into the adapter by positioning the front
edge against the inside front of the adapter, then pressing
down on the back end of the battery until it is securely
seated. Note that if using the shorter adapter shown in Fig-
ure 3, the battery should be inserted parallel to the adapter.

Charging a battery

To charge a battery, follow these steps:
1. Connect the power cord to the power cable connector on the
rear of the charger.
2. Plug the power cord into an AC outlet.
3. Insert the battery into the adapter.
4. Press the power switch on the rear of the battery charger.
The Power Indicator LED will light up green after approxi-
mately three seconds.
5. One of the charging indicator LEDs for each installed bat-
tery will light. For the significance of each LED, please see
Table 1.
6. The green charging indicator LED will light solid when
charging is completed.
Batteries will only fit correctly in one orientation. In
the following steps, be sure the battery is oriented
correctly before installing it. When the edge of the
battery is flush with the front of the charger, the
connector on the bottom of the battery should be
aligned with the connector on the adapter.
Certain batteries overhang the edge of the charger
when installed; this is normal for longer batteries.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents