Removing A Battery; Removing A Module - Fujitsu FPCBC27 User Manual

Battery charging station
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Removing a battery

To remove the battery from an adapter, please perform the
following steps. (See Figures 1 and 4.)
1. Hold the battery charger down with one hand while grasp-
ing the battery firmly with the other hand.
2. Pull the battery directly upwards to remove it.

Removing a module

1. Using a pen or narrow screwdriver, press down on the
adapter module lock to unlock it while pulling the adapter
towards the back of the charger base.
2. Once the adapter is free of the guides, lift it off the base.
Caring for the battery charger
• Never connect a physically defective battery in the charger.
• If the error light comes on, remove the battery.
• Never use the battery charger without the proper adapter.
• When the battery charger is not being used for charging, turn
off power and remove any batteries connected to the charger
to avoid the chance of fire or equipment failure.
• When disconnecting the power cord, do not pull on the
cable. Always remove by grasping the plug body.
• If the battery charger smokes, smells hot, heats abnormally,
or makes noise, disconnect the power cord, and contact your
Fujitsu reseller (see "Fujitsu America Contact Information"
• Charge times may vary depending upon deteri-
oration of the battery(s).
• Leaving the battery in the charger after it is
fully charged will not harm the battery.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents