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Coffee machine with frothed milk spout
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To pour out the coffee, open the lid of
the thermos jug by unscrewing it in an
anti-clockwise direction until it audibly
clicks (or until the marker is over the
spout). After pouring, close the lid by
turning it in a clockwise direction until
it is tight in order to keep the rest of
the coffee warm.
When the water has completely run
through and you want to add water for
more coffee, you should switch off the
appliance and let it cool down for
about 5 minutes.
To froth or heat up milk
You can make cappuccino, café au lait
and cocoa, or even just heat up milk
(for example, as a drink with honey
against colds) using the frothed milk
spout (Figure 2/A, B, C, D).
Close the frothed milk spout as follows
(Figure 10):
0 Insert the knob for regulating the froth
(Figure 2/A) into the suction piece (Fig-
ure 2/B) and press it on firmly.
0 Push the suction piece into the con-
nector (Figure 2/D), place the milk dis-
charge outlet (Figure 2/C) onto the
0 Firmly attach the complete frothed
milk spout to the steam nozzle
(Figure 1/E) until the red seal of the
steam nozzle is no longer visible.
0 Leave the appliance switched on after
the coffee has been made.
0 Wait until the temperature indicator
(Figure 8/3) lights up, showing that the
steam temperature has been reached.
Caution: During operation the tem-
perature indicator (Figure 8/3) some-
times goes off. The required steam
temperature is reached within a short
time by turning the steam selector to
the right.
0 Fill the receptacle (Figure 1/F), for
instance with cold milk.
0 Close the lid of the receptacle.
0 Connect the receptacle to the frothing
nozzle (Figure 11).
You can also suck up the milk directly
out of the packaging using the flexible
hose (Figure 2/E).
Important: The packaging must not be
allowed to exceed the height of the
frothing nozzle. The flexible hose must
be inserted down into the packaging.
Connect the hose to the frothing noz-
zle and insert the other end into the
packaging (Figure 12).
0 Place an empty cup underneath the
frothing nozzle (Figure 12).
Turn the steam selector to the right
(Figure 8/4). This sucks the milk out of
the container. It is then mixed with
steam in the frothed milk spout, and at
the same time heated and frothed up.
The frothed-up milk flows through the
milk discharge outlet into the cup.
Important: using the knob for regulat-
ing the froth (Figure 2/A) you can set
the amount of froth (more or less
added air) and the temperature of the
milk to your taste (Figure 13/A, B, C). To
do this turn the knob slowly to the
right or to the left until you achieve
the desired result.
Figure 13/A:
Figure 13/B:
Figure 13/C:
0 After making the frothed milk turn the
steam selector to the 0 position.
0 You can froth up as much milk as often
as you like provided that there is
enough excess water in the water tank.
If necessary, simply add more water.
0 Caution: For frothing, do not fill the
water tank above the upwards pointing
valve, because otherwise the water
flows into the coffee brewing system.
Test what tastes better or what you
prefer: first coffee, then adding
frothed milk, or first frothed milk and
then filling up with coffee.
maximum froth/
warm milk
no froth
less froth/hot milk

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