Safety Instructions - AEG Café Olé CO 10 Operating Instructions Manual

Coffee machine with frothed milk spout
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Congratulations ...
... on the purchase of your new coffee
machine. You have bought a modern
and reliable appliance which you will
certainly often enjoy using to make
fresh and aromatic coffee. As with
every technical appliance, there are
some fundamental aspects of this cof-
fee machine which must be noted and
observed. Please read the operating
instructions very carefully and keep
them in a safe place. Above all, please
pay attention to the safety instruc-
Figure 1
A Water tank lid
B On/off switch with operating lamp
C Water tank with cup markings
D Steam selector
Steam nozzle
Receptacle with lid and feed pipe
G Drip grid with drip tray
H Nameplate (on base of appliance)
K Thermos jug with lid
Swing filter
M Button for opening the swing filter
Frothed milk spout
Figure 2
A Knob for regulating the froth
B Suction piece
C Milk discharge outlet
D Connector
Flexible hose
Descaling hose

Safety instructions

• Operating voltage and mains voltage
must be the same! (See nameplate on
the base of the coffee machine).
• Never bring the mains cord into con-
tact with hot parts!
• Never remove the plug from the socket
by pulling on the mains cord!
• Do not use the appliance if:
– the mains cord is damaged
– the casing shows clear signs of dam-
• The milk discharge outlet gets hot
when being used. Keep children away!
• Do not pour in water when the appli-
ance is hot! Switch off the coffee
machine and let it cool down for about
5 minutes!
• Observe the descaling instructions!
• Before servicing or cleaning the appli-
ance, ensure that it is switched off and
that the mains cord has been
• Do not immerse the appliance in
• If it is necessary to repair the coffee
machine or to replace the mains cord,
send the appliance either to the spe-
cialist dealer you bought it from (spe-
cial tools must be used for repairs), or
to one of the AEG customer service
centres (a list is on the back page).
Electrical appliances may only be
repaired by trained technicians.
Improper repairs can put the appliance
user in considerable danger. No liability
can be assumed for possible damage if
the appliance is used for the wrong
purpose or if it is operated incorrectly.

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Table of Contents

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