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Electrolux EDC 5366 User Information

Condensation dryer


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User Information
EDC 5366
822 944 674-01-210405-01


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  • Page 1 User Information EDC 5366 822 944 674-01-210405-01...
  • Page 2: Dear Customer

    Dear customer, Please read this user information carefully. In particular, pay attention to the section ”Safety” on the first pages. Keep this user information in a safe place for later reference. Pass it on to any subse- quent owners of the unit. Points which are necessary for your safety or which are important for the unit's functio- nal capability are highlighted by a warning...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Instructions for use ..............Safety .
  • Page 4: Instructions For Use

    Instructions for use Safety Before first starting up Child safety • Note the ”Installation and connection instruc- • Keep packaging away from children. Risk of suffo- tions” cation! • Before first starting up, check the machine for any • Children can often not see the dangers associated damage incurred during transport.
  • Page 5: Disposal

    Disposal tential negative consequences Packaging material environment and human health, which could The packaging materials are environmentally otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste friendly and can be recycled. The plastic com- handling of this product. For more detailed in- ponents are identified by markings, e.g. >PE<, formation about recycling of this product, >PS<, etc.
  • Page 6: Description Of Machine

    Description of machine Drawer containing Operating screen condensate tank Fine strainer (lint filter) Lamp for inside light Large mesh filter Micro-fine filter (lint filter) (lint filter) Type plate Loading door (interchangeable stop) Base door upstream of heat exchanger Screwed feet (with height Air slots adjustment)
  • Page 7: Before The First Drying Cycle

    Before the first drying cycle In order to remove any residues which may have been produced during production, wipe the dryer drum with a damp cloth or carry out a brief drying cycle (20 MIN) with damp cloths in the machine. Sorting and preparing laundry Sorting laundry •...
  • Page 8: Programme Overview

    Programme overview Additional functions Care Programmes Application/properties symbols EXTRA DRY Thorough drying of thick or multi-layered [EXTRA- • • • fabrics, e.g. terry towelling items, bath- TROCKEN] robes. INTENSIVE DRY Thorough drying of thick fabrics, e.g. terry [STARK- • • •...
  • Page 9 Additional functions Care Programmes Application/properties symbols 20 MIN For drying individual items of laundry or for small • • 40 MIN volumes of less than 1kg. Special programme with anti-crease mechanism for easy care fabrics such shirts and blouses; for minimum ironing effort.
  • Page 10: Drying

    Drying Switching machine on / Opening loading door / switching light on loading laundry Turn the programme selector to any programme or 1. Open loading door: turn it to LIGHT (BELEUCHTUNG). The machine has Use force to push against the loading door (push been switched on.
  • Page 11: Special Care (Schon)

    SPECIAL CARE (SCHON) For especially gentle drying of sensitive fabrics with the l care label and for temperature-sensitive tex- tiles (e.g. acrylic, viscose). Programme is executed with reduced heat. SPECIAL CARE (SCHON) is only suitable for use with loads of up to 3kg! AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL) When the drying cycle has finished, an intermittent audible signal will sound.
  • Page 12: Changing Programme

    Changing programme Drying cycle complete / re- moving laundry To change a programme which has been selected by mistake once the programme has started, first turn Once the drying cycle is complete, the END (ENDE) the programme selector to OFF (AUS) and then reset and CREASE GUARD (KNITTERSCHUTZ) displays the programme.
  • Page 13: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning fluff filter To ensure that the dryer works perfectly, the fluff fil- ters (micro-fine filter and fine strainer) must be cleaned after every drying cycle. Caution! Never operate the dryer without fluff filters or with damaged or blocked fluff filters. 1.
  • Page 14: Cleaning The Door Seal

    Clean the entire filter area The strainer area does not have to be cleaned after every drying cycle, but should be checked regularly and cleaned of fluff if neces- sary. 6. To do this, grip the top of the large mesh filter and pull it forwards until it comes loose from the two brackets.
  • Page 15: Emptying The Condensate Tank

    Emptying the condensate tank Empty condensate tank after every drying cycle. If the condensate tank is full, an active programme will break off automatically and the EMPTY WATER (BEHÄLTER) display will light up. In order to continue the programme, the condensate tank must first be emptied.
  • Page 16: Cleaning Heat Exchanger

    Cleaning heat exchanger If the HEAT EXCHANGER (WÄRMETAUSCHER) dis- play is illuminated, the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. Caution! Operating when the heat exchanger is clogged with lint can damage the dryer. This also increases energy consumption. 1. Open loading door 2.
  • Page 17: Cleaning The Drum

    Cleaning the drum Clean operating screen and housing Caution! Do not use abrasives or steel wool to clean the drum. Caution! Do not use furniture cleaners or ag- Lime in the water or cleaning agents may form gressive cleaning agents to clean the ma- a barely visible lining on the inside of the drum.
  • Page 18: Changing Bulb For Inside Light

    Problem Possible cause Remedy Fine strainer not in place and/or Install fine strainer and/or snap large Loading door does not close. large mesh filter not locked in place. mesh filter into place. When pressing a button, the Washing protection. After the start of Turn the programme knob to OFF corresponding button flashes the programme, the option can no...
  • Page 19: Programming Options

    Programming options Objective Implementation 1. Turn the programme selector to any programme. 2. Press the AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL) button and hold down for approx. Permanently program in the 5 seconds. audible signal which reminds A brief signal sounds several times. The AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL) dis- you that the programme is play flashes several times.
  • Page 20: Technical Data

    Technical Data This appliance complies with the following EU directives: – 73/23/EEC dated 19.02.1973 Low Voltage Direc- tive – 89/336/EEC dated 03.05.1989 EMC Directive in- clusive of Amending Directive 92/31/EEC – 93/68/EEC dated 22.07.1993 CE Marking Directive Height x width x depth 85 x 60 x 60 cm Depth with loading door open 109 cm...
  • Page 21: Installation And Connection Instructions

    Installation and connection instructions Installation safety instructions • Before first starting up, all parts of the transport safety equipment must be removed. The machine may otherwise be damaged. • Before starting up for the first time, ensure that the nominal voltage and type of current specified on the machine type plate match the nominal voltage and type of current at the installation site.
  • Page 22: Electrical Connection

    3. Remove foil hose and polystyrene padding from the machine. Electrical connection Details on mains voltage, type of current and the fus- es required should be taken from the type plate. The type plate is fitted near the loading aperture (see “Machine description”...
  • Page 23: Special Accessories

    Intermediate installation kits for stacked washer and dryer: These intermediate installation kits can be used to arrange the dryer and an automatic AEG-Electrolux washing machine (60cm wide, front loading) as a space-saving washer/dryer stack. The automatic washing machine is at the bottom and the dryer is at the top.
  • Page 24: Servicestellen

    Servicestellen Demonstration / Vente 5506 Mägenwil/Zürich 8048 Zürich Industriestr. 10 Badenerstrase 587 044 405 81 11 9000 St. Gallen Vonwilstrasse 15 Garantie 4127 Birsfelden Nous octroyons sur chaque produit 2 ans de garan- Hauptstrasse 52 tie à partir de la date de livraison ou de la mise en service au consommateur (documenté...
  • Page 25: Garanzia

    Pièces détachées, accessoires et produits d'entretien Pour la Suisse : Vous pouvez commander des pièces détachées, des accessoires et des produits d'entret- ien en ligne sur Ricambi, accessori e prodotti di pulizia Per la Svizzera: Ricambi, accessori e prodotti di pulizia si possono ordinare direttamente sul sito in- ternet
  • Page 27: Service

    Service In the event of technical faults, please first check whether you can remedy the problem yourself with the help of the operating instructions (section “What to do if…”). If you were not able to remedy the problem yourself, please contact the Customer Care Department or one of our service partners.
  • Page 28 The Electrolux Group. The world´s No.1 choice. The Electrolux Group is the world´s largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux Group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx. USD 14 billion in more...

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