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Technical Data; Customer Service - AEG KM 7.. Assistent Operating Instructions Manual

Aeg food processor
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Container and blade can be cleaned
easily and properly with the aid of the
pulse position.
0 Fill the mix container half full with
warm (not hot!) water and add a few
drops of detergent.
0 Press the pulse button briefly.
0 Then rinse the container under running
Dismantle/fit blade unit (fig. 14)
If necessary, the blade unit can also be
dismantled and cleaned separately.
Caution: The blade is very sharp!
Danger of injury!
0 Release blade unit (fig. 14/a) from mix
container by turning counter-clock-
wise and remove while holding slightly
at an angle.
0 Remove gasket (fig. 14/b) from blade
The blade unit is very sharp. The gasket
can be damaged.
Rinse the components carefully by
hand (danger of injury!). Use only
water and detergent for cleaning.
Do not clean the blade unit in a dish-
0 Insert gasket in blade unit.
0 Insert blade unit in container from
below. Hold blade unit at a slight angle.
0 Tighten blade unit by turning clockwise.
All-purpose bowl and tools
0 The all-purpose bowl and tools should
be cleaned in rinsing water.
Caution: The metal blade is extremely
sharp! Danger of injury!
Plastic parts age more quickly if
cleaned frequently in a dishwasher. If
they are nevertheless to be cleaned in a
dishwasher, they must be placed in the
upper basket.
0 Clean inserts with brush or cloth under
running water or in a dishwasher!
Caution: The inserts are very sharp!
Danger of injury!
All accessories except the citrus press
can be stored directly in the appliance.
• Store the inserts in the accessories
compartment (fig. 1/K).
Caution: The inserts are very sharp.
Danger of injury! They should only be
held by the handle!
• Stow the accessories away in the all-
purpose bowl as shown in fig. 12.
Caution: The metal blade (fig. 1/P) is
extremely sharp! Danger of injury!
Hold the metal blade only by the han-
dle and store only with the blade guard
• Wind the cable round the two hooks at
the rear of the appliance (fig. 15).

Technical data

Mains voltage: 230 – 240 V
Power consumption: 700 W
This appliance complies with the fol-
lowing EC directives:
• 73/23/EEC of 19/2/1973 "Low volt-
age directive", including the modifi-
cation directive 93/68/EEC.
• 89/336/EEC of 3/5/1989 "EMC direc-
tive", including the modification
directive 92/31/EEC.

Customer service

The highest quality standards apply for
our appliances. If nevertheless a distur-
bance should arise, for which you can
find no solution in the operating
instructions, please contact your
retailer or the AEG customer service.

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